Mustang region, the land of wonders is a superb attraction for trekking and tours. This mysterious region has a lot to offer and its history, amazing landscapes and highly enriched culture makes this region worth visiting. Mustang region, the mystical land of the Tibetan Buddhists is located on the Himalayan rain shadow area, beyond the Annapurna Massif. This is one of the most captivating features of Mustang region that you can either trek or travel here in the monsoon season as well. 

Culturally, Mustang region carries a long history. It is located at the border region of the Tibetan highlands. People of Mustang (mostly of the upper part), go to Tibet for shopping and selling their homely produced materials. So, their culture and lifestyles are close to that of the Tibetans. Though this region is easily accessed, it remained unknown kingdom for a long period of time. The lifestyle of the people from Mustang (especially of the Upper Mustang) is like nomadic and they live in a cave style settlements. For an explorer, this region can be fascinating trekking destination full of mysteries and wonders.

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