Nepal is the ultimate destination for travelling and tour activities due to its blend of natural beauty and cultural diversity. The uncountable number of lakes, rivers, glaciers, green forests, high hills and mountains makes Nepal one of the most beautiful country in the world. 

To add to that, the religious and cultural heritages, historical monuments, temples, stupas, architectures and cultural diversity amplifies the splendor of this wonderful nation. Exploring Kathmandu - The City of Temples, Pokhara - The City of Lakes, Lumbini - The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Chitwan - The City of Wildlife and many other historically significant places are the major highlights of tours in Nepal.

Tours in Nepal also includes village tours which gives visitors an opportunity to observe the rich Nepali cultures and traditions from the closest quarter and interact with the locals. 

Marvel Adventure organizes Tours in Nepal with carefully designed itineraries and professional guides along with all the necessary arrangements which makes sure that you will have best of the holidays in Nepal. We would love to get you on board a trip that could well be one of the most fascinating trips you have ever had. 

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