Best time for Kanchenjunga trek

  • Jan 11, 2023
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Want to go on a complete adventure in the foothills of the mighty Kanchenjunga? One thing you must ensure is to select the best time for Kanchenjunga trek adventure. Generally, Nepal's Himalayan trails have two peak seasons for travel: Spring and Autumn.

One primary factor that makes these two seasons ideal for the Kanchenjunga trek is the weather condition. The weather in both these seasons remains dry, stable, and pleasant throughout without any weather-related challenges. These peak seasons ensure that you will have a safe and comfortable journey even at a high altitude.

when is the best time for kanchenjunga trek?

Kanchenjunga Trek has many remote and rugged terrains that can get quite strenuous. It can get quite challenging to traverse through the challenging trails where trekkers are prone to get lost, injured or sick. Hence, selecting the best time for the Kanchenjunga trek becomes essential.

The Spring season from March lasts till May. There is stable weather this season throughout the trails. You will have a great time trekking the region with no heavy rain, snow, or wind. Flowers bloom along the hills turning the green hills colorful. There are clear blue skies and crisp mountain air along the trails during this Spring season.

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Moreover, the Autumn season is also ideal, with immense exploration opportunities in clear weather. The scenic beauty of the Himalayan vista looks spectacularly beautiful in this season. Trekkers will have an excellent time trekking through the incredible trails during the Kanchenjunga Trek. You will get to explore the natural terrains without any hassle as well.

Read on to learn more about the best time for Kanchenjunga Trek. Happy Trekking!

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Best time for Kanchenjunga Trek

Best Time for Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek in Spring

Spring (March-May) is a beautiful time to go on the Kanchenjunga trek. You will experience the best spring weather and a stable climate for your trekking adventure. The beautiful season brings a vibrant and colorful atmosphere to the trails leading you to the destination.

Clear blue skies during this season allow you to observe the snow-clad mountains of the region. Since it is the peak season for travel, you will not experience any weather-related challenges like heavier rain, snow, wind, etc. The temperatures are moderate, so you will have an excellent time trekking in the region. Read further for detailed information about the Kanchenjunga Trek in Spring.


March is the best time to start your Kanchenjunga trek. The beautiful trails of the region get significantly pleasant this month. You will get to explore the area's beautiful trails calmly and comfortably. This is the first month after the winter, so that you will feel some chilly weather of late winter in early March.

You should carry essential gear and clothing to save you from cold conditions. This weather gets significantly warmer in the latter part of the month. You will lead you through some of the region's major landmarks, observing the snowy Himalayas. There are fewer challenges along the trek route, like landslides, avalanches, snow storms, etc.

Long days in March will allow you to trek without worrying about arriving at the destination before dark. The houses and lodges in the region get packed gradually as you reach the end of the month. You can trek in the latter part of the month to be safe from many unpredictable weather conditions. You can be safe by booking all these meals and accommodations in advance.


April is a lovely time to trek the Kanchenjunga trails. You will get to experience the serene environment during this trek. The beautiful trails will ensure that you have a great Spring experience. The weather conditions are incredible, which makes this month a good time for the Kanchenjunga trek. The trails become tranquil and pleasant to hike, which is one of the significant advantages of trekking this month.

The serene trails of the region remain covered with a wild variety of wildflowers and colorful plants. Trekkers will get to the destination in the area on a clear day as the daylight remains longer this season. This will also allow you to get the spectacular vista of the snow-clad mountains of the area, including Mt Kanchenjunga.

When it comes to weather challenges, there are none. You will not experience heavy rain, snow, harsh winds, and other weather-related difficulties in the region. Hence, you can trek without any hassle in this Kanchenjunga trek. The moderate temperature in April is another benefit. Hot and humid conditions will not affect you along the trail.

You can generally pack light and trek through the beautiful terrain without hassle. The trail will lead you through multiple landscapes without any hassle. The Himalayan vista is quite enchanting along the trails. Since it is the peak season for the trek, you will need to book all your accommodations in advance. Overall, the beautiful tranquil environment and favorable weather conditions make April the best time for the Kanchenjunga Trek.


May is the spring season's last month, making it ideal for a great adventure in the Himalayan foothills. You will have a great time trekking the beautiful Himalayan trails this month. It is because of the generally stable weather and tranquil climate. You will love trekking in a calm atmosphere.

There are clear blue skies which makes the trek quite beautiful. You will get to observe the snow-clad Himalayas during the trekking journey of the Kanchenjunga trek. There is no chilly atmosphere as the temperatures are moderate. The beautiful trail will lead you through the scenic landscapes of the region.

There are scenic landmarks in the area that highlight this trek. The tracks get less crowded as you reach the latter part of the month. Since the hot and humid summer season is just around the corner, you must be careful in late May.

Except for this chance of early monsoon, in the latter part of the month, you will generally get great weather and atmosphere in the region. The temperatures remain moderate, and you will have a great time on the Kanchenjunga trek.

Kanchenjunga Trek in autumn

Kanchenjunga Trek during Autumn

Autumn (September-November) is the second best time for the Kanchenjunga trek. You will have an excellent time trekking in the region in the Autumn season. Trekkers can observe the stunning vista of the snow-clad mountain vista. This season is known for its perfect weather, serene trails, tranquil atmosphere, and others.

The Autumn season starts in September after the monsoon season and lasts till November. The serene trails have moderate temperatures that are not too hot or cold. You will love trekking in the region and observing the snow-clad mountains. There are fewer weather-related challenges with no rainfall, snowfall, or overcast conditions. Since there are no heavy rains, you will not have any muddy and slippery trails.

Another beautiful aspect of trekking in the Kanchenjunga region in Autumn is the fall foliage. You will experience serene trails with immense beauty trails. Read further for detailed information about the Kanchenjunga Trek in Autumn.


September, the first month of the Autumn season, is also ideal for the Kanchenjunga trek. You will get to hike through the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. The serene trails of the region will provide you with the best adventure in the area. There are dry trails with no weather-related challenges like heavy rainfall or snowfall.

Although the monsoon gets over by August, you might experience some monsoons in early September. Trekkers need to prepare with perfect gear and clothing. The temperatures get chillier in the early morning and night. The weather related to September is quite ideal for trekking. You will get to experience the incredible trekking journey in the region.


October is the peak of the Autumn season and arguably the best time to trek in the Kanchenjunga region. The weather can get quite beautiful in the area, with the temperatures at a moderate level. There is incredible weather with no heavy rainfall or snowfall.

The beautiful snow-clad mountains of the region, including Mt Kanchenjunga, are pretty stunning. The trails of the area are beautiful, with packed accommodations. Hence, you need to book all these facilities in advance.

October is the month of Dashain and Tihar and other festivals. You will get to observe the region's cultural trails, traditions, and heritage. You will trek in favorable weather conditions and a festive atmosphere in the area. Therefore, October is one of the best times for the Autumn season.


November is the last month of the Autumn season. Although it can get quite cold because it is close to winter, you can still go on a fantastic trekking journey in November. You will trek on stable and dry trails, which makes this journey appealing.

There are no weather-related challenges like rainfall or snowfall, which is quite an advantage. You will get the best trails with mesmerizing trekking conditions. The trekkers must pack warm clothes to be safe from any weather-related challenges. You will also get to go on a cultural explorationduring this month.

You should avoid the later part of November for the Kanchenjunga trek. The early part of the month is ideal for the hike. You will experience the trails and celebrate many festivities with the locals. Hence, November is the perfect time for Kanchenjunga Trek.

Kanchenjunga Trek in Off-Seasons

The off seasons for the Kanchenjunga Trek include summer-monsoon and winter. The summer monsoon from June to August gets quite hot and humid. You will bring heavy rainfall and other various weather-related challenges in this season.

You will get landslides, avalanches, and muddy and slippery trails. This can lead to various weather-related accidents among travelers. However, if you want to explore the green trails, you can take this Kanchenjunga trek in the summer monsoon.

Winters from December to February get extreme weather, with temperatures decreasing at the lowest level. The cold weather conditions will make the journey quite tricky for trekkers. You will get various challenges like frostbite, hypothermia, etc. However, if you love to trek in the winter wonderland atmosphere, you can also hike in the winter.

Although it is not recommended to trek in the off-season, if you must trek, then you should get proper gear and training. There you might face various issues and discomfort. But if you prepare well for the trek, you can also trek in the off-season. Overall, the best time for the Kanchenjunga trek is Spring and Autumn. And you are recommended to go for the Kanchenjunga trek in these two peak seasons.

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