Best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Jun 8, 2022
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It’s true that Manaslu is the most idyllic, sublime, and epic mountain in the world. It’s inexplicably charming and exquisite, signaling a quintessential land paradise. However, trekking Manaslu isn’t something every traveler enjoy given the extreme difficulties and challenges of the trek.

That’s exactly why most of them prefer trekking Manaslu Circuit instead of climbing the summit and enjoying their little venture. The trek, of course, rewards them with an alpine thrill and picturesque view, which exceeds expectations.

But, to get the best of all, it’s essential for you to know when to visit the circuit. If you’re trekking the circuit in winter, it can be frigid, just like trekking in summer can make you drip with sweat. Therefore, trekkers have to be more careful when planning the trip since there can be seasonal changes in weather.

While Manaslu Circuit can be explored any time of the year, the best time to visit it would be spring and autumn when the weather is fabulous. It’s not too hot, not too cold around this time, making it perfect for walking the trail.

best time for manaslu trek

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The weather is warm, and rain is minimal in fall, allowing you to go outdoor anytime you want. Trekkers trekking Manaslu will rarely see the temperature going above 25 Degree Celsius in Autumn, making the trek easier and more comfortable.

It too offers you a breathtaking view of sweeping hills and reddish sunrise. You can see the landscapes of Manaslu sparkle by daylight in Fall. The changing color of leaves with lush green terrains provides a scenic view to visitors.

Other than fall, you can trek Manaslu in spring as it offers mild to moderate weather, making the trek convenient. The changing weather pattern can make the travel a bit tougher in early spring, but it gets easy to walk the trail as the weather improves.

Spring has longer days with warm sunshine, so you can explore many tourist attractions without any rush. It also provides you with a lovely view of spring wildflowers and lush green terraces, which makes the trek more relaxing.

manaslu circuit trek best time

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • A pristine view of mountain ranges, such as Langtang Himal. Manaslu, and Annapurna
  • Explore the wildlife reserves and their unique flora and fauna
  • Deeper understanding and exposure to local culture and traditions
  • Visit the longest mountain pass Larkya La at 5,106 meters
  • Explore the old Tibetan monasteries and mani walls
  • Enjoy the impressive backdrop of golden autumn leaves and deep forests

The weather of Manaslu Circuit in Autumn

Autumn is easily the best time to walk the old classic trails of Manaslu. It’s when the weather is balmy, but not too hot nor cold. Visitors may experience high winds and light downpours in the early months of September.

By October, the warm days of summer are gone, and it’s rare to see the temperature going above 25 Degree Celsius. The weather tends to be cool in the month as light winds keep blowing from the mountain. Mornings are usually cold in the circuit as temperatures stay below 7 Degree Celsius.

Since the weather is in the passing phase from summer to winter, the view gets more intriguing. With clearer than winter skies and sunny days, visitors will be able to catch a perfect glimpse of Manaslu and Langtang.

The weather becomes dicey after October. While it’s chilly in the Circuit, the weather at lower elevations is still warm with beaming sunshine. You can expect sunny or partly sunny days in November. The villages in lower regions will still be enjoying the warm days as the temperature ranges from 10 to 13 Degree Celsius.

The month hints at a quick rise of winter as the temperature start to cool off. The crowds get smaller from late November, and by late December, they’re all gone. The temperature drops swiftly, reaching approximately below -6 Degree Celsius by the end of the season.

Still, walking the trail is more relaxing in November than any previous month as the weather becomes refreshingly calm. You might have to retreat from the cold with warm clothes in the late season, but it’s worth it.

The views are quite impressive in early November as there are still small traces of fall colors. To see the best of autumn, you must trek Manaslu in October as the season hails you with magnetic scenery and a serene atmosphere.

It provides you with an imposing view of snow-capped mountains, sweeping hills, and vibrant valleys. The old trails make for a scenic walk, taking you into the woods that smells sweet and fresh. Not to forget that October is the peak time for fall as the whole forest explodes into a splendid realm of mellow orange, red, and yellow foliage.

The high point of Manaslu Circuit makes an ideal spot to watch the beautiful fall colors. It also helps you get a crystal clear view of surrounding mountains, rolling hills, and wide valleys. Apart from the breathtaking view, Autumn also gets you in a festive mood as major events and fest lies around the corner.

best time for manaslu trek

The Weather of Manaslu Circuit in Spring

Besides autumn, spring is another perfect time to celebrate the beauty and richness of Manaslu Circuit. It’s full of life and excitement, making the travel more relaxing. The season is quite pleasantly warm, with temperatures going up as high as around 18 Degree Celsius.

As with many other seasons, Spring too, has a rough start. The weather is dry and cold at the beginning of the season. With winter skylarking, March bears freezing weather with light snowfall at the circuit.

The air is crispier at the beginning of the season, but once the spring peaks, the weather turns warm and cozy. In fact, the trail that once was covered in wet and damp snow will all melt away. You’ll get more sunshine in the day, but the nights are still pretty cold.

Trekkers can expect the average temperature to go as high as around 12 Degree Celsius in April. The skies are mostly clear during the month, providing you with a stunning view of the surrounding.

During the month of April, crowds are generally high to explore major sites and attractions, which may leave you overwhelmed. You may also see a lot of blooming wildflowers and rhododendrons in the forest.

May is the warmest month in spring, as summers are just around the corner. Their days are normally sweltering hot, with temperatures rising up to 18 Degree Celsius.The weather at night is moderate in the valley, but in the circuit, it’s still chilly.

When the summer kicks in from mid-May, the crowds start easing. By the late season, the trails are already empty, making it easy to walk trails. The weather also gets warm over time, so visitors can enjoy long sunny days.

Difficulties You Might Face during the Trek

1. Difficulties relating to facilities

Accommodation isn’t much of a problem during Manaslu Circuit Trek. Even though it can be crowded during peak time, you still can find accommodation of your choice. They have a fine selection of new and improved teahouses, which has all essential services.

However, the amenities in these teahouses are often basic, and the rooms are mostly shared. Shower facilities are available to keep you fresh and relieve muscle tension after a long trip. Sadly, hot baths are unavailable at higher elevations, and if they are, it’s not free.

Some tea houses also charge extra to charge electronic devices like mobiles, iPods, and cameras. Visitors can’t expect to have a luxury customer service experience in the teahouses as they’re cheaper and mostly in remote areas.

2. Altitude Sickness

Trekking Manaslu Circuit in any due course can minimize the risk of altitude sickness, but it doesn’t scrap it. Trekkers trekking any high above 3000 meters are still likely to suffer from altitude sickness.

As Manaslu Circuit Trek starts from a lower altitude and ascends to Larkya La, trekkers expose themselves to fickle weather. With increasing altitude, air pressure drops, making it more and more difficult to escape the ailment.

While some of them have a minor breakdown, others become breathless at rest during the circuit trek. Early symptoms of altitude sickness include headache, extreme fatigue, dizziness, and loss of appetite.

Altitude sickness often appears in the mildest form during Circuit Trek. But, if ignored and not taken proper care of, the sickness can cause substantial damage to your health. Therefore, trekkers have to be more careful while trekking Circuit, especially when traveling at a higher altitude

3. Essentiality to travel with a guide

Trekking Manaslu isn’t a walk in the park. It’s an incredibly difficult walk with many rough and uneven terrains. The trek requires the visitors to walk around the restricted area, so anyone who agrees with the idea of trekking Manaslu alone should drop it.

Nepal Government has made it very clear that any foreign trekker wishing to hike Manaslu needs to take a permit and must be joined by a licensed guide. While this may seem extreme to many, it’s actually for your safety and convenience.

They can help you plan and manage the entire trip so that you don’t have to worry much about the schedule. A trekking guide will help you take a tour through the village and interact with locals, making your journey more fun and exciting.

4. Weather

The weather can impact the Manaslu trek in so many ways. It can make your trip a life experience or your worst nightmare. So, whenever you plan a trek to Manasu, you have to be extremely careful as it can increase the difficulty level.

The weather at Manaslu varies depending on where on the trail you are. The weather at high altitudes is usually colder and windier than at lower elevations. They have quite extreme weather, which varies according to the season.

In general, Manaslu experiences snowstorms, heavy downpours, scorching heat, and frigid nights. The days are often warm and sunny at Manaslu, while the nights are chillier. Its weather in winter is severe, with heavy snowfall and strong winds, making the trek hard.

5. Difficulty concerning the length of the trek

Even though Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered a moderate hike, trekking is somewhat painful and miserable. Its walking trails are no joke, with many strenuous climbs and numerous switchbacks.

Located in the west-central part of the Gorkha district, Manaslu Circuit Trek begins from Soti Khola. It then works its way up to Larkya, passing many villages, river valleys, and cliff-face ridge. The changing terrains from lower elevations to the highest point at 5,135 meters make the trek extremely challenging.

As the circuit trek is more than 177 km long in travel distance, trekkers have to spend at least two weeks on the trail. They’ll have to walk the trail at an average trekking distance of 15 to 20 km.

The first few days of Manaslu Trek may be a little easier, but as the trail gains altitude, the walk becomes tough. You’ll have to ascend steep trails and cross the suspension bridge to reach the circuit.

Trekkers have to walk along the lush hillsides and terrace farms to reach the circuit, which is physically demanding. Crossing the Larkya La Pass is even tougher as the trail here is rugged and full of rocks and boulders.

Therefore, you’ll have to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the hike. Training is a must for beginners climbing Manaslu Circuit. They shall spend at least a month improving their fitness and building endurance power. It’s even better to go on a backpacking trip as it helps you tackle the mountainous terrain.

You can check more on our detailed guide for Manaslu circuit trek difficulty.

best time for manaslu circuit trek

Tips to avoid difficulties for Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Take due note of the weather and temperature before packing your items for the day
  • Book your accommodation in advance to avoid hassles and extra fee
  • If you want to escape the crowd, go for off-season trekking
  • Bring a water purifier or use bottled water
  • Carry a sun hat and an insect repellent if you’re trekking in summer
  • Bring appropriate trekking equipment

Packing list for Manaslu Circuit Trek

From the foothill of Soti Khola to Manang’s highest mountain pass, the Manaslu circuit trek offers a hiking experience like no other. It offers a fine adventure of trekking through wild forests and tall cliffs. The 176 km trek distance of Manaslu demands you to climb the mountain ridge and cross rivers on multiple occasions.

Since the trek requires several days to complete, you’ll need to make proper planning and preparations for the trek. This includes carrying your best and safest gear so that you can enjoy the trip without any trouble. There are plenty of things that should go into your packing list, and a few of these items are.

Clothing & Footwear

  • A windproof jacket or down jacket
  • Lightweight trekking pants and trekking shorts
  • Quick-drying pants
  • Moisture-wicking t-skirt and long sleeve shirt
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Synthetic or wool socks plus spares

Head & Hand

  • Sunglasses and sun-shielding hat
  • Bandana or buff
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Woolen Hat

Other items

  • Camera with extra batteries
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries and first-aid kit
  • Water treatment system
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Portable power device

Planning and Preparation of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most adventurous and scenic trek in the western-central part of Nepal. It’s a moderate trek at the foothills of Manaslu. But trekking the circuit is never easy as you have to walk a series of mountainous terrains and vast unspoiled countryside.

Travelers will have to climb the steep, rugged trails and trek through deep forests to reach the circuit. They’ll also have to deal with the trek's unpredictable weather and climatic conditions.

Hence, you need to understand the geography of Manaslu before planning the trip. Trekkers must also take updates on the weather and temperature before setting off on a journey. As the trek distance of Manaslu Circuit is long and hard, you’ll have to work on your physical fitness and mental health.

You’re required to follow a strict fitness regimen and exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy. The steep trails of Manaslu are hostile and make the trek extremely difficult, even for the professional. So, you need to improve your balance and maintain stability on the trail.

The weather of Manaslu also brings a lot of challenges to hikers. Winter leads to frigid weather and summer brings scorching heat of more than25 Degree Celsius. Even in the peak season, temperatures can greatly fluctuate. Hence, you have to prepare your trekking equipment and clothing that suits the weather.

Trekkers climbing Manaslu often experience altitude sickness at greater heights. Low atmospheric pressure and oxygen can have an adverse effect on your health. You may even feel shortness of breath while climbing Larkya La. Hence training for elevation gain and loss is a must.

Apart from the physical training, you’ll also have to make mental preparations for the trek. It’s important for you to study the total trek distance and the schedule to avoid stress and enjoy the journey.

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