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The autumn season in Nepal (September, October, and November) is considered the number one season for Himalayan adventures in the country. As the peak/high season, this fall season offers a perfect harmony of some of the most iconic landscapes, views of clear-crisp Himalayan vistas, an ideal climate, and an enthralling cultural experience that sums up a wholesome Himalayan journey.

Your Kanchenjunga Trek in November will introduce you to unique prospects of the autumn season that closes in with the transition point of the winter with each passing second. Your exploration of the third-highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586 meters), traversing across the remote trails of the eastern Himalayas, will be an unforgettable journey in this last leg of the autumn season.

Partaking in Kanchenjunga Trek during November will ensure a comfortable journey across the charming trails of the fall season in a more tranquil setting. Besides the opportunity to explore and immerse in the true untamed wilderness of the Himalayas, you will also have the chance to witness the magical transformation of the landscapes where the snow fur of winter gradually takes over the hues of the fall season.

Join Marvel Adventure for a once-in-a-lifetime journey that will lead you to the heart of the Kanchenjunga region, where every step will unfold the root of the ancient culture-traditions, and every vista of nature’s grandeur will captivate your indomitable spirit.

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Trekking Overview- Kanchenjunga Trek in November

Kanchenjunga Trek - 18 Days Itinerary | Booking Open 2022-23

The trekking itineraries for the Kanchenjunga Trek in November may vary depending on the route taken, the acclimatization period, and side detours around the region. Your exhilarating remote 18 Days Kanchenjunga Trek with Marvel Adventure will begin after a cross-valley flight from Kathmandu (1,400 meters) to Bhadrapur (91 meters).

Then, after landing at Bhadrapur, you will drive across the two major cities of eastern Nepal, Phidim (1,365 meters) and Taplejung (670 meters), before starting your trekking journey. You will start your trek to the remote region of the third-highest mountain in the world on the second day as you leave Taplejung behind, heading toward Sinuwa (980 meters).

Moving further ahead in your trial, you will trek on the flat terrain alongside the babbling stream to reach Tapethok. You will then trek across other major highlights of the Kanchenjunga region, like Tapethok (1,380 meters), Amjilosa (2,310 meters), Gyabla (2,730 meters), and Ghunsa (3,595 meters).

You will enjoy an acclimatization day at Ghunsa to give your body much-needed rest before heading toward other high-elevation points of the journey. The trail further ahead leads you across some of the major high-altitude points of your Himalayan journey, like Khambachen (4,000 meters) and Lhonak (4,780 meters), before exploring the main highlight of this trek, Kanchenjunga North Base Camp (5,065 meters).

After exploring the base camp, you will descend on the same trekking trail to Khambachen, then onto Phaley (3,240 meters) before joining the mainstream route again at Amjilosa. You will then continue descending down to Taplejung via Tapethok and Sinuwa. From Taplejung, you will drive back to Bhadrapur and take a flight to Kathmandu, which will officially mark the closure of your exciting remote Himalayan exploration.

Why Do Kanchenjunga Trek in November?

Why Do Kanchenjunga Trek in November

Favorable Weather Conditions

The high seasons, like autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May), are generally known for having the most suitable climatic conditions to accommodate outdoor adventures. Thus, during the Kanchenjunga Trek in November, you can expect pleasant weather that will make this remote exploration even more enticing.

Due to the low precipitation, the chances of rainfall are pretty, which will ensure a pleasant walking on the dry trails. The temperature of the Kanchenjunga region ranges between 10°C to 25°C at the lower trail during the daytime. However, after reaching higher points like Lhonak, the temperature starts to gradually drop, averaging between 3°C to 9°C and you can expect the night temperatures to drop upto -11°C.

So, you will be able to do your exploration under pleasant weather conditions that's neither too cold nor too hot. Just make sure to pack warm layers for the trek at the alpine altitudes during your journey.

Clear Visibility

It is said that the clear and crisp views of the mountain during the autumn season cannot be simply matched by any other season. The clear and pleasant weather of the autumn season rewards the trekkers with the most spectacular views of the Himalayan vistas as far as the eye can reach.

During the Kanchenjunga Trek, you will be able to enjoy the clear and sparkling views of the Himalayan massifs like Kanchenjunga, Everest, Lhotse, Kambachen, Kabru, Twin Peaks and Tent Peak. So, your exhilarating Himalayan journey in November will promise the most astonishing views of these magnificent peaks.

Less Crowded Trail

Autumn, in general, has less crowded trekking trails compared to the peak months of the spring season. Similarly, the Kanchenjunga region is one of the off-beat trekking regions in the Himalayas, which has fewer trekkers. So, your Kanchenjunga Trek in November will provide you the opportunity to immerse in the peaceful Himalayan vibrance and help you forge a more intimate connection with nature.

You will also be able to take your time with the highlight exploration as you don’t have to be considerate about the crowd behind. Likely, the interaction with the natives can be even more meaningful as you can take it easy with your remarkable Himalayan journey.

Spectacular Landscapes

The charm of the peak season of autumn is on a different level compared to other seasons. The lush greenery nourished by the monsoon rain takes over terraced fields, verdant forests, and alpine meadows, creating vibrant landscapes that will be a feast for your eyes. Similarly, the blooming flowers across the trail will make the journey even more enticing.

If you are traveling during the latter part of November, you will also be able to witness the light snowfalls at higher altitudes, which will gradually prepare the Himalayas to be a winter wonderland. During your Kanchenjunga Trek in November, you will be able to witness the remarkable transition period between autumn and winter, as the peak period of the Himalayas slowly covers the autumn landscapes with its pristine fur of snow.

Colorful Festivals

This Himalayan country still follows the traditional calendar system Bikram Sambat, which is based on the lunar activity. So, the festivals celebrated in the country are not constant and they often shuffle to the neighboring months. As the autumn season is the hotspot for major celebrations in the country, you will get the opportunity to immerse in colorful festivals like Tihar (Deepawali), Mani Rimdu, Yomari Punhi, and Sita Bibaha Panchami.

If the grandest festival of the country, Dashain, which is celebrated for a whole 15 days, starts during the latter part of October, you will also be able to relish its distinguished ambiance. Among the other festivals celebrated in the country throughout the year, the celebrations in November bring the best out of the unique diversity in the country.

Challenges and Considerations for the Kanchenjunga Trek in November

Challenges and Considerations for the Kanchenjunga Trek in NovemberThe trekking adventures to the Kanchenjunga region, the remote and rugged part of the Himalayas, are considered to be more challenging and demanding than the regular mainstream treks. You will be able to explore the complete and untamed wilderness of the Himalayas during the treks to the Kanchenjunga region.

Kanchenjunga Trek in November, which generally lasts about 18 to 25 days, depending on the itinerary plans of your package, will introduce you to the isolated part of the Himalayas. The total trekking distance of this remote trekking adventure is approximately 220 km (136 miles). You will need to trek for about 6-7 hours each day in this rural exploration of eastern Nepal.

So, if you are not well-prepared, then it can be challenging to overcome the difficult terrains of the route. Similarly, altitude gain is another major hurdle of the Kanchenjunga region, which takes you to the significant altitude points of the eastern Himalayan region.

Starting your trek from Sinuwa (980 meters), you will reach the high point of the trek at Kanchenjunga North Base Camp (5,065 meters).If you don’t acclimatize properly or follow proper precautionary methods, the risk of altitude sickness is high at significant altitudes.

Is This Trek Suitable for Me?

Is kanchenjunga Trek Suitable for Me

There is no doubt that Kanchenjunga Trek is one of the demanding and long-haul trekking adventures that explores the isolated prospects of the eastern Himalayas in Nepal. Altitude gain that takes you to major elevation kump points and long trekking distances of the route can be especially challenging if you do not have any prior trekking experience or haven’t prepared enough for the trek.

Marvel Adentures’s 18 Days Kanchenjunga Trek trekking route will only take you to the three major points 4,000 meters: Khambachen (4,000 meters), Lhonak (4,780 meters), and Kanchenjunga North Base Camp (5,065 meters). So, the altitude gain in our itinerary plan is still lower than other circuit and base camp adventures.

If you have good health, standard fitness, and enough determination to complete this Himalayan journey, our expert team will ensure that you will have a comfortable and safe journey. The success rate of the Kanchenjunga Trek is 98% to 100% in overall; if you are prepared for the long journey, then conquering this magnificent secluded route will not be much challenge.

However, as this is still a long and physically demanding Himalayan excursion, we do not recommend children for the trip. Similarly, elderly trekking enthusiasts eager to map this remote route should consult with trekking guides and physicians first.

Preparation for the Kanchenjunga Trek in November

Preparation for the Kanchenjunga Trek in NovemberIf you want to go home with fond memories and a heart filled with gratitude after completing this exciting Himalayan adventure, we suggest you put effort during the training part. You will have to navigate the rugged and demanding trails of the eastern Himalayas for a long period.

Similarly, you will also ascend to major altitudes during this trip. So, the major emphasis of your preparation should be to make your day-to-day adventure more comfortable and less exhausting. For that, you need to work on your overall endurance and strength level.

Including stamina and cardiovascular in your regime will also help your body to acclimatize properly to the rising altitudes and reduce the risk of altitude sickness. We recommend you to train at least 3 to 6 weeks for your Kanchenjunga Trek in November.

To design an effective training program, you can take the help of a professional trainer or experienced trekkers and guides. You can also do practice hikes to nearby hills to understand what demand of the steep section on the trekking route. Here are some recommended exercises that you can include in your preparation program.

Strength and Endurance Exercises:Squat, Push Up, Calf Raise, Bicep Curl, Deadlift, Plank, Pull Up, Bentover Row, Leg Curl, Step Up, Crunches, Upright Row, Leg Raise, Leg Extension, etc

Stamina and Cardiovascular Exercises: Dance, Swimming, Mountain Climber, Stair Climbing, Burpee, Rowing, Jogging, Cycling, etc

**Note: You don’t need to put in a lot of hours for the training; instead, you should focus on being consistent with your training. Separate just an hour or two from your daily schedule and continue with your training, providing yourself enough rest days for the most effective results**

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Cost of Kanchenjunga Trek in November

oktang base camp Cost of Kanchenjunga Trek in November

The general cost for the Kanchenjunga Trek in November with a duration of 18 to 25 days, ranges somewhere between US$ 1,800 to US$ 2,500. The cost factor of your package will be mostly determined by the duration of the trek, itinerary plans, side detours, and quality of the services.

Marvel Adventure is offering 18 Days Kanchenjunga Trek package at just US$ 1,850. This a fully guided package and is the best value Kanchejunga Trek package in the market. This exciting eastern HImalayan exploration package will take you on the mainstream Kanchenjunga route all the way to the base camp. Along the trekking route, you will also have the opportunity to explore the major highlights of the region without missing out on anything.

You will also get enough acclimatization period in this long journey, and we will, of course, take care of al your logistic details. To understand better about package cost and what it covers, check the includes and exclude section of the Kanchenjunga Trekking Package. You can also get in touch with us via our Contact Page if you need assistance or have any kind of queries.

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