Kanchenjunga Trek in October

  • May 2, 2022
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They say no to trek is like Kanchenjunga trek, and we totally get that. It’s indeed a striking beauty with the wild grandeur of Terai-Duar grasslands that takes aback any onlooker. The mountain boasts an alpine charm with sloping plateaus and river valleys that provide visitors with a great delight.

It offers them an enchanting view across the hillsides and down the valley full of beans. Visitors trekking Kanchenjunga will also be rewarded with the plain sight of shimmering mountains and glaciers.

However, to get a clean shot of these charming peaks, you’ll have to visit Kanchenjunga in October. It’s the month of trekking in Nepal, so the weather gets mild and fuzzy. The rainy days are over by the start of the month, and therefore, the weather is pleasant.

Most of the days in October are bright and sunny. It’s no longer warm moist, but also not yet awfully cold. The temperature at the mountain is below freezing point, and there may even be a light snowfall.

With no more dark clouds looming in the sky, travelers can easily catch glimpses of Kanchenjunga and its surrounding snow peaks. They’ll also get to discover some of its best-kept secrets and explore the beautiful landscapes.

The month stuns you with an impressive view of fall foliage that transforms the landscapes of Taplenjung. Trekking through the coniferous forest and alpine meadows becomes a movable feast as climbers can watch the autumn leaves.

Every October, they can witness the leaves changing their colors into hued yellow, deep red, and bright orange. This provides the visitors with a scenic backdrop and makes the trek more comforting and enjoyable.

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Highlights of Kanchenjunga Trek in October

  • Spectacular views of icy mountains, such as Tent Peak, Lhotse, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga
  • Lush green farms and woods with colorful fall foliage
  • Topographical diversity with rich wildlife and vegetation
  • Scenic villages filled with people of different ethnicity, caste, and culture
  • Explore old Tibetan monasteries, chortens, and mani walls
  • Yalung Glacier and other high mountain passes

Why trek Kanchenjunga in October?

With summer heat breaking and temperature starting to cool down, October makes the best time for Kanchenjunga Trek. It’s when the weather is mild and chillier, making it more relaxing and easy to walk on the trail.

The month begins with hot and humid weather giving a summer feel. Days at lower elevations are usually warm and sunny with just a casual light breeze. There’s a small chance of rain at the beginning of the month, but once it’s gone, you’ll have a tranquil atmosphere.

Visitors can expect the temperature to go as high as 10 Degree Celsius throughout the region in early October. Although temperatures are comfortable during the day, nights and mornings are utterly cold, so wrap yourself up warm and nice.

As the temperature begins to drop from mid-October, climbers will sense a bitterness in the air. They’ll experience frigid weather in and around the valley. Climbers scrambling the trails of Kanchenjunga may even witness light snowfall at the time of travel.

This will help prevent the ice from melting away and prevent avalanches' risk. October’s cold and snowy weather also stops the lower sections from developing cracks. Evenings are freezing cold in the mountain with high wind, so you better carry lots of warm clothes.

You can expect the Kanchejunga’s temperature to go below -20 Degree Celsius by the end of October. On that score, sweaters and scarfs will come in handy during the Kanchenjunga Trek in the fall.

Of course, trekking Kanchenjunga in October has its own perks apart from the weather and ambiance. The month rewards climbers with an amazing view of towering mountains, glacial valleys, and steep hillsides.

The high-altitude clifftops and mountain ridges of Kanchenjunga make for an early-season foliage peak. You can see the colorful fall foliage and verdant greens in the month. It too delights visitors with the beautiful backdrop of snowy mountains and glaciers.

Since the skies are clearer in October, you’ll get a jaw-dropping view of Kanchenjunga and its nearby snow peaks, including Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. Vibrant fall foliage in the forest will draw the attention of climbers and make their journey more diverting and refreshing.

Reasons to visit Kanchenjunga in October

1. Beautiful Weather and Climate

The weather in Kanchenjunga varies as your different stops. It’s generally warm and nice at lower elevations but frigid in the mountain. Since autumn is at its peak in October, you’ll have pleasant weather with milder temperatures.

Early October still feels hot in Kanchenjunga, but it’s passable. You can have a combination of cold and warm weather from the midseason, making the walk more comfortable and satisfying.

Visitors will mostly find the warm sunny days with crips and cool nights. High winds and storms can make their way to the mountain at the end of the month. Mountaineers climbing Kanchenjunga in October will have a great time walking the trail as humidity decreases to a comfortable level and the chilly wind is present.

2. Holiday Season

October is perhaps the most festive time to visit Kanchenjunga and join the celebration with locals. It’s the month of long holidays and events as the whole country is looking forward to the big festivals. Every year, you get to celebrate the Hindu’s major festivals, Dashain and Tihar.

Most of the villages and their locals are in holiday spirits during this time. They decorate their houses and have little gatherings with close friends and family. As a guest, you, too, can partake in these festivals and have some fun time between the trek. Enjoy the old traditions and learn about different Nepalese cultures and their heritage.

3. Spectacular Views

October is possibly the most magical time to visit Kanchenjunga. You’ll see some unreal and splendid natural scenery during this time. Kanchenjunga Trek will introduce you to some amazing sights and reward you with magnificent views in October.

An easy stroll into the forests will provide you with a stunning view of fall foliage. The green terrains and wild forests will frame the backdrop and make the site visually appealing. Likewise, its clear blue sky and sunny weather will help you snap a seamless view of lofty mountains and diverse landscapes.

Kanchenjunga’s well-worn path will have a picture-perfect scenery stowed for you. It’ll provide you with the spectacular fall foliage that stays till the end of October. You can also enjoy the sight of shimmering glaciers and ice slopes.

4. Stroll the old traditional Villages and Conservation Area

Walking through the old traditional villages and alpine forests are arguably the most amazing things to do in October. It laces your trip and opens up you to the late and unique culture of Nepalese Himalayan people.

Visiting the local villages and towns in Taplenjung will help you get more acquainted with the locals. You’ll get to explore the religious and cultural landmarks in the villages along with some ancient Tibetan monasteries and Chortens

By walking through the protected area, you can discover many wild animals and birds, including melanistic leopards and red-billed coughs. You may also find varied ecoregions on the trek, including eastern Himalayan broad-leaved, Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands, and coniferous forests.

The difficulty of the Kanchenjunga Trek in October

Climbing Kanchenjunga is never easy whether you visit it in October or not. The weather in October definitely comes as a relief, but it doesn’t help much on the trail. Trekkers will still have to travel the rugged and uneven trails of Kanchenjunga to make it to the summit.

They are also required to ascend ice cliffs and walk along the glacial moraines to reach the summit. Climbers have to use fixed ropes to climb snowy mountain ridges and use ladders to cross the crevasse. While this may seem normal for any mountain climb, it’s actually difficult.

You’ll have to carry all the equipment yourself or hire a porter to transport it for you. Climbing the trail to the summit can also put your health at risk. Instant exposure to high altitude can cause altitude sickness as there’s low atmospheric pressure.

You may develop symptoms like headache, dizziness, insomnia, and loss of appetite during the trek. If you did not take immediate precautions or continue ascending the trail despite the terrible conditions, then you may suffer from hypothermia and HAPE.

Another difficulty of Kanchenjunga Trek in October is the huge crowd that makes the climb harder. You might get stuck on the trail or have your shoulders brushed off by a fellow mountaineer. This makes the trek a lot harder than it already is.

Similarly, accommodation can be another challenge during Kanchenjunga Trek in October as travelers arrive at the region for trekking. Climbers flock to Taplenjung from all around the world and pave their way to the summit.

During the expedition, they stop at many villages and stay at teahouses, making it busier than ever. If you don’t pre-book the accommodations, it’ll be impossible to get rooms during the trek in October.


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