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  • Sep 2, 2022
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Often called the best off-the-beaten trek, Manaslu Trek is an excellent walk into the wild and untouched beautiful home of Mt Manaslu(8,163m). It’s a tour around the playground of the eighth tallest peak in the world.

As the unfrequented region and the trek are slowly getting visitors, we also get lots of queries. One of the most frequently asked questions is: What is the packing list for Manaslu Trek?

Thus, we are writing this detailed blog to answer all the queries regarding the packing list for Manaslu Trek. Probably, you are also here to know the answers. So let’s start.

You undoubtedly know how important it is to know what to pack for a journey. Equally, it is also necessary to know what not to pack. So we are glad you are considering it.

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As said earlier, Manaslu Region is a virgin area yet to be explored by the world. If you have never been to Nepal, you have no idea about the packing list for trekking in Nepal. But this blog may become futile if you have been to Nepal before for trekking. You already know what kind of packing to do.

walking on manaslu trek route with backpack

We mean to say that the packing list for Manaslu Trek is like other trails in the Himalayas. Except for a few things, all the clothing and gear will also work fine on this trek.

Manaslu Trek or Manaslu Circuit Trek begins at 710m and reaches a height of 5,213m. You can see that there will be a massive altitude change. The weather and conditions change with every 1000m of altitude. Hence, you need to have the proper packing for all situations. Likewise, the trek is remote and rugged. For such a trail, you’ll need several gear and accessories. So it is vital to know the packing list.

Let’s find out what is the packing list for Manaslu Trek. Alongside that, we have added some bonus information about the trek. Enjoy the read!

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Packing list for Manaslu Trek

Your backpack has limited space. Hence, it is necessary to be wise when packing things for Manaslu Trek. Otherwise, you can buy a couple of bags, pack everything and hire porters for the trek. The choice is yours. However, being a wise packer is a better option. You will save some money.

Here is what a wise trekker would pack for Manaslu Circuit Trek:



Let’s get your eyes covered. The sun glitters brightly in the mountains. Thus, your eyes need to be shielded from harmful UV rays. Not only rays, but glasses will protect the eyes from dust and sudden objects. A good pair of UV-protected sunglasses will work excellently on the trek.

Hiking Hat

A decent hiking hat protects your head from the intense sun. The cap will keep the bright sun away from the head and face. Plus, it will keep all the dirt away from your hair. So, include a hiking hat.


Who knows the benefits of wearing sunscreen will never exclude this item on any trek. It is even handy in high-altitude outings. Essentially, sunscreen protects against sunburn and saves from the brutal sunlight of the sun. Do not forget to buy appropriate sunscreen for your skin type.

Warm Skull Cap

A warm skull cap is a must on a mountain trip. As you know, the weather is chilly and even colder at night hours. For such instances, you need a warm cap or hat that keeps your skull warm. It will work the best while sleeping.


Buff is a multipurpose gear that can be used in several ways. It is for keeping your neck warm and covering your neck. But you can use it as a neck gaiter, mask, or headband. For its multiple usages, a warm buff is recommended for Manaslu Trek.

Headlamps and Extra batteries

Manaslu Circuit Trek is not a developed trail. You may have to trek in dark hours, and navigating ways becomes a bit difficult. For such hours, a bright headlamp can be pretty fruitful. So pack a headlamp and enough extra batteries.


Inner Bodywear

Inner body wear means what you wear first before the rest.


Manaslu Circuit Trek is about being in the region for 2-3 weeks. So bring adequate underwear that are comfortable and moisture absorbing. You can pack your favorite pieces.

Sports Bra

For ladies, sports bras are recommended over hook ones. The sports bra are made for adventures like Manaslu Circuit Trek. They will become a lot more comfortable than normal bras.

Outer Bodywear

Outer bodywear is what you wear after the inner-wear. It includes the base layers, the second layer, and the outer layer. The three layers are essential in a high-altitude trek in Nepal.

Base Layer

Baselayer means the first layer that you wear after innerwear. It can be thermal, both upper body and lower body. These thermals keep your body warm from the base. Make sure you select thermals that can easily digest sweat. Otherwise, you’ll have wet thermals at times.

Second Layer

After the base layer, you will need some clothes outside. The second or mid layer keeps your body warm. You can choose clothes of wool and fleece for this layer. Also, there are water and windproof second layer options available. So have some second layer clothes that can also be worn during daylight. The layer can include:

  • Sleeve Shirt
  • Thermal Tops
  • Fleece windproof jacket
  • Hiking shorts
  • Thermal Trouser
  • Fleece Pant

Outer Layer

The outer layer protects you the most from the environment. This layer will be an outer shield from rain, cold, and wind. You can add a down jacket(-10C). Down jackets, Waterproof hiking pants, waterproof hooded jackets, etc. are outer layer options.


Your hands do also need some care and protection. On Manaslu Trek, the weather can be harsh at times, especially in morning and night hours. Such a cold can freeze your hands and make them futile. Hence, carry good gloves for your hands. Inner Gloves and Outer Gloves, the two layered gloves are suggested. The gloves need to be warm, waterproof and windproof.


Hiking Boots

Hiking boots is the first thing that comes to mind while packing for an adventure. A good pair of trekking shoes helps in walking distance in all sorts of terrain. Hence, pack sturdy, waterproof, comfortable, and breathable hiking boots for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Ankle support is a must to look good in a good hiking shoes.


A boot without socks is not a complete combo. You will need a pair of socks as well. Hiking socks and thermal socks should be in your backpack. The hiking socks go nicely with your shoes. And the thermal socks will keep your feet warm.

Sandals or Slippers

Sandals or slippers should not be left out of the packing list for Manaslu Trek. These pairs will not help on the trail but surely helps around your lodge or teahouse. You do not have to wear shoes all the time. After all, your feet also need to breathe some air.


Gaiters are optional packing. If you are traveling in the rainy or winter season, gaiters can be of great use. Otherwise, it is not necessary. It helps to protect your shoes from water and snow.


You can carry all the things in hand; you will need a backpack. However, what sort of backpack? Well, read below:

Duffle Bag

A Duffle bag is a big square-shaped bag that carries more things. This can be wearable on the back. However, a duffle bag is handy if you have colossal packing and employing a porter on a trek.


A trekking backpack is enough if you do not have a long list of packing for Manaslu Trek. You can easily pack everything in this backpack and carry it comfortably.

Day backpack

A day backpack is a small backpack in which you can bring little and light things. If you use a porter for your backpack, you can use a day backpack to take basic and essential items.


Sleeping Bags

Sleep is necessary, actually the most important thing on a trek. A warm and comfortable sleeping bag is needed for better sleep every night. You can’t rely simply on the blankets of teahouses. Hence, get yourself a -10°C sleeping bag.

Trekking Poles

A trekking pole transfers your body weight to itself and makes challenging walks easy. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a long and moderate trek. You will have significant usage of a trekking pole climbing hills.

Water Bottle or Thermals

A water bottle or thermal must be on your backpack’s side on Manaslu Trek. You can easily refill your bottle whenever you reach a drinkable water source. Likewise, you can also carry hot water or beverages if it is thermal.


You already must have thought about the camera for the packing list for Manaslu Trek. As the trek is one of the most scenic treks of Nepal, you’ll get enough chances to capture sceneries. So bring a good camera with enough backup batteries.

Solar Charger or Power Bank

On the trek, you will not get charging stations frequently. Only the teahouses of the walk may have charging facilities. Other than that, you have no option. If you have a solar charger or a good power bank, you can eventually set your things.



A valid passport is vital for obtaining a visa. Once you get Nepalese access, it is a permit to travel and stay around Nepal. You have to possess the passport throughout your stay. So take good care of your ticket, which might get lost on the trek. Do not forget to bring passport-sized photos and multiple copies of your passport.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must to obtain trekking permits in Nepal. Primarily, it becomes even more crucial in Manaslu Region, an isolated region. The travel insurance should be full coverage. Your travel insurance should cover all unprecedented costs, from emergency evacuation to medical treatment.

Medical Kit

If you choose the right agency, you do not need a medical kit. The guides of such a company carry emergency medical kits along with them on the trek. However, that is not the case all the time. You can take your medical equipment, which includes a first aid kit, water purification tablets, bandages, etc.


Toiletries are products used in taking care of and washing your body. You must have toiletries such as quick-drying towels, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm, shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, toilet paper, etc. Women's toiletries, such as skin care items, pads, tampons, etc., also are not readily available on the trail. Hence, pack what you need the most for the trek.

Interesting Facts about Manaslu Trek

  • Manaslu Region is the home of the eighth tallest mountain in the world.
  • It is one of the peaceful treks in Nepal to do and unexplored ones as well.
  • The teahouses on the trek are small, economical, and essential.
  • Manaslu Region is an abode to numerous religious and historical places
  • The region is highly influenced by Tibetan culture and lifestyle.
  • Manaslu Trek is geographically diverse, probably one of the best in the country.
  • The region is full of diverse flora and fauna.
  • Tsum Valley and Nubri Valley are two of the scenic valleys of the region.
  • Larkya La Pass(5,106m) is the best viewpoint of the region to view mountain panorama.
  • Manaslu Trek is a beautiful trek but an equally adventurous one too.
  • Solo trekking is not allowed in the region.
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek is not for beginners but experienced trekkers.
  • At least two trekkers should be in a group to get permits to enter Manaslu Region.

Trekking Route of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Some Essential Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Train physically and mentally before the trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate trek that tests you physically and mentally. Hence, it is crucial to be prepared before the walk. Doing cardio and strength training can make you ready physically. And having a positive and determined mentality makes you mentally prepared.

Pack Smartly

Smart packing is required for Manaslu Trek. Pack the necessary gear and equipment mentioned above on this blog, and you shall not face problems. But do not pack extra and unnecessary things and don't let your backpack drag you back.

Bring Sufficient Cash

Manaslu Circuit Trek has no ATM outlets at all. So bring enough cash to cover the expenses of the entire trek. Do not rely on ATMs for cash withdrawals. Carry just enough money and keep it safe.

Understand Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can happen on Manaslu Trek if not taken seriously. Hence, understand everything about mountain sickness. Learn how you can avoid it and what the precautions are.

Acclimatize well

Manaslu Trek is a high elevation walk in which proper acclimatization is vital. So take it slow, have acclimatization days, and move upwards slowly. Otherwise, altitude sickness is not too far.

Do not stay dehydrated

Hydration is a key in the mountains to fight mountain sickness. It is one of the ways to avoid illness. Hence, drink water or other hydrating things to keep your body full of water.

Eat a nutritious and balanced diet

Feed yourself what is nutritious and healthy on Manaslu Trek. What you eat is what you become. The wrong food you eat, the worse you will become. Hence, choose nutritious and healthy meals over junk food. One of the best meals is Dal Bhat on Manaslu Trek.

Rest and Sleep Well

Everyday you have to walk on the trek. On some trek days, you will walk for 7-8 hours. Your body requires proper rest and quality sleep to do such walks daily. Hence, do give yourself comfortable nights of sleep.

Hire a licensed local guide and porter

A licensed guide is necessary for the trek as solo treks are not allowed in the region. Having a licensed local guide will turn fruitful. They will help you explore the tour and the area like a local. Likewise, a porter will carry your backpack if it is too heavy. You can remain lost in the region's beauty instead of having a heavy load.

Choose an authorized trekking agency

There are many perks of doing Manaslu Trek with a licensed and experienced trekking agency. Such agencies offer good deals and discounts. And they make your trip a memorable one. The agency looks after everything to make trips effortless. You’ll have a good experience with the right team. Hence, choose a trusted agency like ours.

At Last

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best gift you can give to your heart if you love trekking. This off-the-beaten trek has been awe-inspiring for every visitor. Now it is time for you. You’ll love the trek's jaw-dropping mountains, diverse landscapes, distinct culture, inspiring lifestyle, historical places, and religious shrines.

We hope this blog on the Packing list for Manaslu Trek was helpful for you. You undoubtedly know now what to pack for the trek. Plus, you also got some valuable tips and information about the tour. We wish you all the best for the hike.

If you are looking for a trusted trekking agency to do Manaslu Trek, we are here to help you. We will make it a memorable one.

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