Everest Base Camp Trek in October

  • Mar 23, 2023
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Everest Base Camp Trek in October is the best option if you want to see the world's highest peak when it is most phenomenal. October falls during Nepal's busiest trekking season. It falls in the autumn season of the Northern hemisphere. For various reasons, all trekkers hope to see Everest during this time of year. The consistent weather, clear mountain views, lush forests, and breathtaking landscapes are some.

The Everest Base Camp welcomes trekkers from all around the world in the autumn. This will be the busiest month for the region as it is the most suitable trekking season. This will give you an amazing opportunity to develop relationships with other hikers this season. Aside from friends, you can discover other people's cultures. This season also coincides with the Nepali festivities making the whole experience more wholesome.

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The Everest Base Camp trek in October will follow the same route and itinerary as the ones in any other season. After landing in Lukla, you will begin with trekking.

You'll pass over two suspension bridges to cross the Dudhkoshi river. This will be one of your first travel stops. This will lead you to Sagarmatha National Park, a site of international significance. The area is home to numerous rare plants and animals. The October season allows you a unique lens to look at the national park. You will see the wild habitats and plants during the time in an extraordinarily beautiful state.

Check our package for Everest Base Camp trek for October. However, the package is fully customizable. Send you your available days, and we will send you the perfect itinerary for you. It can be done from 7 days to 20 days. 

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Table of Contents

After your brief tour of the Sagarmatha National park, you advance a few steep steps to the fascinating Namche Bazaar. The locals will welcome you with open arms. The Namche Bazaar offers magnificent views of the Himalayas. You will spend the night in Namche with a festive vibe of Dashain and Tihar. Then you will continue traveling the following day.

The next day you will continue with your trek to reach the Everest Base Camp through Tengboche, Dingboche, and Lobuche. Here you can visit Buddhist monasteries. You can also indulge with the indigenous Sherpa people. This will allow you to learn more about their culture.

The trek will continue from there to Gorakshep and eventually to the Everest Base Camp. You will reach the Everest Base Camp through a long trek along these passages. Then lodge back in Gorakshep for a comfortable, good night's sleep. You will hike further above and reach the Kala Patthar viewpoint. From here you can see the whole of Mount Everest. People describe that Everest looks like a dream in this region. The October views of Mount Everest will be way clearer and prettier.

The commencement and end of the trek will take around a week. A week worth of traveling will give you unforgettable memories and the most immaculate of views of the Himalayas of Nepal.

Everest Base Camp trek October

Trip highlights

These are the core list of activities you will remember for a lifetime if you do the Everest Base Camp Trek in October

  • Arial tour of the Kathmandu valley during the leaf falling season from your first flight to Lukla.
  • Exploring the unique landforms of the Himalayan trails of Nepal, including various waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and other natural diversities at their peak after the monsoon has swept away the dirt.
  • The hospitality and beauty of Namche Bazaar during a festive season.
  • Exploring The Sagarmatha National park and its rarity of the autumn season.
  • Ecstatic views of glacier streams, rivers, hills, waterfalls, and glacier lakes, including places like Imja Khola, Dudh Koshi, Nagarjun hills, etc., at their most picturesque form in the autumn.
  • The sunrise view from the Nagarjun Hills with autumn leaves falling all over the region.
  • Experiencing the view of the world’s top through Kala Patthar.
  • Observing the local heritages, cultures, and monasteries during a festive period.
  • Getting a taste of local delicacies made during the festival season.
  • The friends that you will make throughout the journey.

Suitability of Everest Base Camp trek in October

You can do the Everest Base Camp throughout the year. But the Everest Base Camp trek in October is a whole different experience. It comes with several perks.

Perfect time to trek the Everest Base Camp weather-wise

The mild weather makes the trek to Everest Base Camp in October the most enjoyable. You can stroll outside during the daytime. This gives you a chance to enjoy the warm, pleasant weather and the brilliant blue skies.

In contrast to the winter nights, the Everest region experiences bearable cold in October. Compared to the monsoon, the weather will not be cloudy. It also won't have any other dangers on the road caused by the monsoon rain along the trails. Therefore, you do not need to bring any heavy or bulky clothing or rain gear when you go hiking this month.

The month of October is also the least likely to experience rain or snowfall because it is so dry. Thus, this month, you should not need to worry about icy trails, insects, or sweltering temperatures.

The suitable temperature for the October

October days are sunny and range from 12 degrees Celcius to 16 degrees Celcius in the Everest region. You can therefore walk on warm, sunny days when making your Everest Base Camp trek in October. The Everest region's most adequate temperature range comes around this time of the year.

At this time of year, however, the temperature at night falls from 2 degrees Celcius to -5 degrees Celcius. This is not a very cold temperature, especially considering it is close to Mount Everest. Although it is tolerable, it is best to bring sleeping bags or extra thermal clothes. They must be able to withstand freezing cold temperatures so that you can stay warm while you sleep.

The October temperatures and weather are usually favorable. But you need to be aware that the weather in the mountains is unstable throughout the year. The temperature might change drastically because of the clouds and the altered wind pattern. Being cautious of it is always a good idea.

The festival months of Nepal

The two most important festivals in Nepal, Dashain and Tihar, occur in October. Families get together, celebrate, and have fun during this season of the year. Trekking in Nepal at this time will allow you to participate in the Dashain and Tihar celebrations within the Hindu communities and Mani Rimdu, among the Sherpa communities.

You will see high bamboo swings in open ground with kids swinging on them. You might see kids flying kites all over the sky. Youths might also play games like “langur burja” along the settlement areas. You might also be able to see festival lights in people’s houses in non-remote areas. These activities mark the Dashain and Tihar festivals.

You can also experience Mani Rimdu during your Everet Base Camp in October, as it is a significant festival of the Sherpas. If you can, try to make it to Tengboche for the festival. The most significant monastery in the region is Tengboche Monastery. Mani Rimdu celebrations center on this tiny town with breathtaking views of Ama Dablam. Monks dance in symbolic performances for the festivals. They wear elaborate costumes and masks to vanquish demons.

You might also get to sample some of the regional specialties that are made especially for this time of year. The festival seasons are quite joyous around the country and make your trip a thousand times better.

The landscapes you can observe during the Everest Base Camp trek in October

People travel to the Everest region to take in the breathtaking views of the mountain. October is the month that offers the most pristine views of the highest peaks on earth.

The rain clears the air and ushers in the clear skies and a fresh atmosphere because the autumn season follows the monsoon. Additionally, a dry environment gives you the clearest views of everything around you. So you can take in the enticing views of the mountains and hills nearby.

You will come across locals working on their farms in the lower regions of your trekking trails because October is harvest time there.

The wholesome trekking community

Many tourists prefer to go on treks in October because of the month's moderate temperatures and pleasant surroundings. You won't have to travel alone on your October hike, then. There are a lot of domestic and foreign tourists on the trail.

The wildlife and vegetation of the Everest region during October

In October, the flora and fauna of the Everest region look extraordinary. Because of monsoon rain and the warm sun of autumn, the diverse flora and fauna come into life with new charm and beauty. You might also get a glimpse of the rare species the Sagarmatha National Park houses during the season of October.

In the lower regions, you will be able to see paddy, millet, etc., farming. As you ascend the trail, you will walk past diverse grasslands and lush forests of rhododendrons and oaks. The entire trail is home to a range of alpine vegetation that you will get to see on your route. As mentioned before, you will also be able to experience seeing the farmers working down the lower trails for the harvest season

Food and Accommodation available for your Everest Base Camp in October

There are a number of tea houses along the Everest Base Camp trail that are very busy at this time of year. These tea houses provide a variety of nutritious and fresh meals along the trekking trails. It will provide you with enough energy to finish the trek. In the Everest region, you can choose from a variety of foods and beverages.

Due to business closures during the harsh seasons, lodging and food may be a major problem at certain times of the year. The month of November won't have this problem, though. Many tea houses are open during this season, even though they might be a little crowded. However, making early reservations might enable you to get the first choice.

Difficulties you might face when doing the Everest Base Camp trek in October

We have already established several times how suitable the Everest Base Camp trek in October can be. However, every trekking adventure comes with some difficulties. These difficulties are barely life-threatening and can be easily mitigated through some caution. These are some fender benders that the Everest Base Camp brings and their severity during October.

Altitude sickness

The Everest Base Camp trek goes through a high elevation point. You begin this trek at a low elevation of 1440 meters in Kathmandu and ascend to a maximum height of 5545 meters at Kala Patthar. As a result, many hikers experience the effects of altitude sickness as they climb the Khumbu region's trails.

You will experience the symptoms of the illness at any time of year, regardless of the time of year you are trekking. Therefore, if you do not take good care of yourself, you have a high risk of developing altitude sickness even in October.

These risks are, however, minimized when you plan a trek properly. You ought to separate days to acclimatize and trek with guides who will give you tricks and tips to help with altitude accommodation.

You should always move at your own pace and continue to drink water throughout your journey to reduce risk. Additionally, since both alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration, it is advisable to avoid them while hiking. Altitude sickness risk can rise with dehydration.

A packaged trip usually provides these tools by trekking agencies and doesn’t need to worry unless you plan the trek on your own

Difficulty in the trekking route

The Everest region tour is notorious for its dangerous roads during certain seasons. The chances of crevasses openings, avalanches, snowstorms, etc., make the trekking route quite harsh at certain times of the year.

However, the likelihood of precipitation or snowfall is lowest in October. Therefore, the trekking route is less challenging than during other seasons like the winter and monsoon. It is not necessary for you to walk on icy or snow-covered trails. Other seasons, such as the monsoon and winter, make it difficult to navigate rocky terrain that is covered in snow or muddy water.

But in October, you can enjoy walking in the tolerable temperatures on the dry Everest region trails. However, the discomfort of the travel route is usually caused by the crowd of trekkers along the trail. For some travelers, the sheer volume of people making the trek in October can be discomforting.

There are numerous alternate routes in the Everest region for tourists looking for less-traveled paths that still provide breathtaking views of Everest and its neighbors without the crowds. Although they are way less popular than the typical EBC trek, the Gokyo Lakes Trek, the Three Passes Trek, or even the extremely difficult Arun Valley to EBC trek still overlap with it in some places, giving you an alternative that is comfortable and well have satisfying from trekking point of view.

Accommodation issues

The Everest region is home to a large number of teahouses where you can eat and stay. However, October is the busiest month, and due to the large increase in the number of trekkers, these teahouses are frequently full.

Since these teahouses have a limited number of rooms and amenities, you might occasionally have to mingle in a room with your fellow trekkers. Making reservations for lodging in advance is, therefore, a good idea. If you have not made advance reservations, you might occasionally have to sleep in the dining room.

The accommodation issues will not cause much discomfort as the trek will consist of many trekkers spending the night together. If you do not get the rooms you were eyeing, you will still be fine and sleep in the communal dining area with your fellow trekkers. The accommodation this time feels like a slumber party.

Crowds and cost

The peak trekking season in Nepal occurs in October, so the increase in prices and crowds during this time is natural. The most popular trek in Nepal is the EBC trek, so it's extremely unlikely that you'll have the trails to yourself in October. Teahouses quickly fill up, so it's crucial to trek with a reliable guide who can secure a bed at a cozy location.

On a similar note, flights from Kathmandu to Lukla might sell out months before October, so plan your trip as soon as possible. It may be necessary to be flexible with flight schedules and the standard of lodging you'll accept if you make travel arrangements at the last minute.

Tips for your Everest Base Camp trek in October

Make reservations in advance

The busiest month for treks to Everest base camp in October. The trekking community around the world awaits the Everest Base Camp trek this season. Accommodations in the tea house and lodge are difficult to come by because of the crowds on the Everest Base Camp trails. In order to secure an early and excellent lodging spot, better views, and a better-facilitated trek, book the first flight to Lukla and return.

Plan mitigation for possible discomfort ahead and be cautious

The trek to Everest Base Camp is one of the highest altitude treks, so naturally, you ought to be extra cautious and well-prepared. To give yourself the confidence and mindset to complete the EBC trek, you must physically prepare yourself long before the hike.

Instead of rushing or attempting to keep up with your fellow hikers, move at your own pace. You could experience altitude sickness if you try to rush. In order to prevent altitude sickness and dehydration, health experts advise you to drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily. This helps your body circulate more oxygen. Inform your guide right away if you experience any discomfort.

Choose good trekking agencies

If you want a comfortable and enjoyable adventure through the Himalayan trails, you must leave the planning and other hassles to the trekking agencies. They will ensure you have a safe trip, warn you about the potential discomfort of the trek and give you the best options.

Choose mountaineering and trekking agencies that are well established and have a good rapport. Having to book a good agency might cost a lot, but the safety it brings is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Everest Base Camp trek in October

Can you climb Everest in October?

Everest Base Camp routes are crowded with hikers because October is the busiest month for trekking. Most visitors to Base Camp come during this month because of the beautiful nature and pleasant weather.

However, Everest climbing is not at its busiest in October, so although you can climb Everest in October, there is less movement from Base Camp to Summit.

Which month is the best for the Everest Base Camp trek?

The months that lie in the spring(March to May) and autumn(September to November) season of the northern hemisphere are the best best for the Everest Base Camp trek weather-wise. However, if you want to experience the Everest region and the diverse Nepali culture and nature at its fullest Everest Base Camp trek in October is the best.

How many days is the Everest Base Camp trek?

The number of days of the Everest Base Camp trek varies according to the itinerary, but it usually takes 12 days from and back to Lukla.

What is the temperature of the Everest Base Camp in October?

October days are sunny and range from 12 degrees Celcius to 16 degrees Celcius in the Everest region. You can therefore walk on warm, sunny days when making your Everest Base Camp trek in October. However, the temperature at night falls from 2 degrees Celcius to -5 degrees Celcius.

Does it rain in the Everest Base Camp?

With an average of 18 inches of precipitation, the Everest Base Camp Region is relatively dry. The monsoon season, which runs from June to September, sees the bulk of the precipitation. The month of October, on the contrary, will be quite dry.

Final say on why you should do the Everest Base Camp trek in October

To recap, Nepal has a busy trekking and hiking season in October. Because of this season, the weather is clear and less unstable. There won't be much cold weather. During your trip to go hiking and trekking, the path will be simple to walk. As a result, the temperature will simply fit your body perfectly well.

Due to the weather's ideal timing, the effects of high altitude sickness will be minimal. It will be a really enjoyable experience to fraternize with other trekking teams on your trip because October is a busier time to visit Everest base camp and is full of trekkers.

You will also get glimpses of landscapes in weather that brings out its best potential. It is also best to be familiar with the Nepali culture as it is the time for the festivities.

If you plan to hike to Everest Base Camp in October, you should make arrangements with a good team. You can trust Marvel Adventure Treks and Expedition  to make these arrangements for you. We have an autumn package crafted especially for your convenience for the Everest Base Camp trek in October. You will have an unforgettable trip to the EBC on the best possible travel time through us. For booking and further queries, please contact us.

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