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manaslu circuit in septemberManaslu Circuit Trek is the most popular and beloved off-beaten trekking adventure in the Himalayas. This journey circles the eighth-highest peak in the world, which is at an elevation of 8,163 meters (26,781 feet), and takes you across isolated sections of the Himalayas, where you will get to experience the untampered wilderness. Although this trekking experience is remarkable during any period of the peak seasons, autumn (Septemeber to November) and spring (March to May), the Manaslu Circuit in September has a unique charm about it.

This initial month of the autumn season and post-monsoon month have a unique and fresh atmosphere that relishes the perks of both seasons. You will be able to enjoy your exploration in a fresh atmosphere and surroundings decorated with bright emerald colors thanks to the nourishment of the monsoon rain. Similarly, the comfort and stable weather of the autumn season will make the exploration remarkable. During the rainy months, the mountain opens up early in the morning; however, during the day, they might be covered by clouds.

As you don’t have to worry about flight cancellation on this trip, like the Everest Base Camp Trek, you will still be able to move along with your itinerary plans without any hindrance, even in monsoon season. So, the Manaslu Circuit Trek in September, which is farther from the rainy months, will reward you with an exhilarating experience in a more immersive setting where you will be able to relish the perks of both seasons.

Ideally, late September is considered to be the most suitable period to take part in this Himalayan odyssey, as even if the monsoon period extends, it won’t affect your trip by this period.

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Manaslu Circuit in September- Package Overview

Manaslu Circuit Trek - 12 Days Off-The-Beaten Itinerary

The standard 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek starts after a drive from Kathmandu (1,400 meters) to Machha Khola (870 meters). The fully guided packages that handle all of your itinerary plans during your stay include sightseeing days at the cultural sites in the capital before hitting the road. The starting route is also pretty much the same for the extensive journey in the region like 19 Days Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek. However, if you are doing the short 8 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will drive all the way to Jagat (1,350 meters) and start your trek from there.

In the standard package, after driving to Machha Khola, you will then start your trek and head toward Jagat, moving along the bank of the Budhi Gandaki River. Then, continuing with the ascending route, you will trek across the popular traditional settlements in the region like Deng (2,130 meters), Namrung (2.630 meters), Lho (3,180 meters), and Sama Gaun (3,500 meters). After a long journey, you will then take an acclimatization day at Sama Gaun before heading further.

You will then start following the trails to high elevation points of the Manaslu region after acclimatizing properly and trek across Samdo Village (3,860 meters) to reach Dharamsala (4,480 meters). In the next phase, you will then cross the Himalayan pass, Larke La Pass (5,106 meters), to reach the other end of the circuit route, Bimtang (3,720 meters).

Then, you will follow the downhill trail toward Dharapani (1,669 meters) across Tiliche Village. You will then take a jeep from Tiliche to Besisahar (1,430 meters). This will be the last stop in your circuit trekking route, and the next morning, you will drive back to Kathmandu from Besisahar.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit in September

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Pleasant Temperatures

Septemeber is the post-monsoon month, and during the earlier part of the month, the Himalayan region receives slight rainfall if monsoon lingers around. As a result, the freshness is still intact, and the temperatures are on the pleasant side. The air is crisp and cool; the days are mostly clear and sunny, so Manaslu Circuit in September will be a perfect time to enjoy the first wave of the autumn season.

The temperature of the lower Manaslu region during this month hovers around 15°C to 23°C while the temperatures can drop upto 10°C during the night. At the higher altitude, the temperature drops slightly lower and is approximately around 5°C to 11°C. The night temperatures at higher altitudes can fall as low as -4°C.

Fresh and Lush Landscapes

As September starts right after the end of the monsoon season in August, you will still be able to enjoy the freshness of the monsoon season in this month. The monsoon rain nourishes the beautiful landscape of the whole country, and you will see greenery wherever you go. The rain also washes away the landscape, and the fresh aroma will make the wilderness trail of the Manaslu Circuit in September even more exciting.

You will move along the scenic blooming trekking trail, enjoying the charming scenery of vibrant colors of emeralds. On top of that, the rivers and waterfalls that are in their prime during the monsoon don’t lose that much momentum by this month. So, you will be able to relish their cascading flow, which makes the experience even more magical.

Crisp Mountain View

Manaslu Circuit Trek route is popular for the enticing views of the Himalayan gems like Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Lamjung Himal, Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, and other surrounding peaks. The autumn season is popular for the most incredible vistas of these pristine peaks. However, the fresh and crisp atmosphere of the Manaslu Circuit in Septemeber makes the mountain view even more exhilarating.

The clear weather mixed with the fresh atmosphere creates the most photogenic moments to enjoy the views of these incredible peaks from anywhere on the trail.

Less Crowded Trails

Although autumn is considered the number one season for trekking in Nepal, as September is a post-monsoon month, it receives a lesser number of trekkers. Sometimes, when the monsoon lingers for longer, the early part of this month receives light rainfalls. So, most people who are looking for the most stable weather wait till the latter part of the month. Thus, the trekking trails aren’t that crowded even during this month, which is part of the high season of autumn.

In such a setting, the Manaslu Circuit in September ensures a remarkably serene journey where you will be able to enjoy the tranquility of the Himalayas without any disturbance. You will also have more time to explore the local highlights as there is not much of a big crowd, and you can take your time with the local interaction.

Festive Atmosphere

The autumn season, besides the attractions of the fall season, is also known as the core period for the most incredible celebrations in the country. September, which is the initial month of this fascinating season, also houses some of the most incredible festive celebrations. During your Manaslu Circuit in September, you will get a chance to witness beautiful festivals like Teej, Indra Jatra, Pachali Bhairab, Dashain, etc.

So, not only will your journey be a thrilling Himalayan adventure, but you will also get the chance to immerse in the cultural side of this diverse country. Nepal follows the Lunar Calendar System; thus, the festivals don’t particularly fall in the same period; make sure to check the Nepali Calendar to add the cultural prospects to your exploration.

What is Difficulty of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September?

Manaslu Circuit Trek - 12 Days Off-The-Beaten Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trek overall has been graded as one of the moderate Himalayan odyssey. This high-altitude trek is not as strenuous or demanding as a mountain expedition and there are also no technical parts in the circuit route. So, it is pretty much a straightforward walk across the rugged and steep terrain of the mountain. You are not required to have any prior high-altitude trekking experience to take part in this Himalayan wilderness exploration. However, there are still several factors that you need to be careful about during your trip.

The first and foremost challenging factor of this circuit trek is the altitude gain. Starting your trek from Machha Khola (870 meters), you will trek across the high altitude points of the region, reaching the maximum altitude at the Himalayan pass, Larke La Pass (5,106 meters). So, you will have to be very careful about Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and follow appropriate precautionary methods.

Similarly, another major hurdle in this mountain adventure is the trekking distance. In your Manaslu Trek in September, you will cover a total distance of 180 km (111 miles). You will need to walk about 5 to 6 hours on average during every day of the trek to complete the trek in time. As September is a post-monsoon month, the trails can be slightly moist during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in September if the monsoon extends to the first part of the month.

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek in September Suitable for Me?

Manaslu Circuit Trek - 12 Days Off-The-Beaten Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit is one of the most renowned and beloved off-beaten trekking adventures in Nepal. Although there are some hurdles that you have to be mindful of during your trip, this is in no way a physically challenging journey. The success rate of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is over 98%, which is pretty high for a Himalayan adventure that stretches over the Tundra Zone (above 5,000 meters). In overall, if you make the right amount of preparation the chances of failure are pretty low even if you are completely new to the Himalayan treks.

Yes, the altitude gain can be a challenge as you will gain an altitude of 4,236 meters (13,897 feet) on the trekking trail from the start point to the highest point. However, you will get enough period to acclimatize during your journey, and you will not climb to high altitudes that quickly. So, even crossing the Himalayan pass will not be that much of a challenge as you will already be used to the high-altitude atmosphere. Similarly, although the trekking distance is long, you will get enough breaks along the route.

Although the trekking distances during each day are strategically designed so that trekkers don’t feel exhausted or overwhelmed, your comfort level will depend on how well you have trained. If you are wondering about the age limit, anyone can with good health can do this trek. However, as you have to cross a Himalayan pass along the trail, you shouldn’t consider taking your children on this trek. September is a very favorable month of the autumn season, so you are bound to have a wonderful journey enjoying the delights of both the post-monsoon setting and the fall season.

Training and Preparation

Budget Manaslu Circuit Trek

Physical training is an important part of preparation for the Manaslu Trek in September. Making enough preparation will ensure that your high-altitude journey will be a comfortable and memorable endeavor. The minimum recommended training period for a high-altitude trek in the Himalayas is about 3 to 6 weeks. This length of preparation will get your body accustomed to physical activities even if you are not that physically active.

If you work out on a regular basis, you can adjust the period as per your preference. The development of your strength and stamina level should be your major focus in this trek. You can also do some practice hikes at steep sections to understand the Himalayan terrains if you don’t have any prior trekking experience.

Strength Training Exercises: Hammer Curl, Overhead Press, Plank, Push Up, Front Raise, Lateral Raise, Pull Up, Squat, Lunge, Step Up, Leg Press, etc

Stamina Training Exercises: Jogging, Dancing, Swimming, Cycling, Mountain Climber, High Knees, Jumping Rope, Kick Boxing, etc

What to Pack for Manaslu Trek in September?

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Manaslu Circuit in September will introduce you to the climate of the post-monsoon season and the landscapes nourished by heavy rain. If the monsoon climate lingers, there are also chances of light rainfall. Also, during the early part of this month, the landscapes are moist and you will need to be careful about properly navigating such steep sections. So, overall, for your trip, you should consider packing appropriate layers, a few rain gear, personal hygiene and trekking equipment that makes your experience comfortable.

However, be mindful of the weight limit; your porter will only carry about 15 kg worth of luggage (1 porter is assigned for 2 trekkers with a maximum weight limit of 30 kg). Try to optimize your package by creating a list, and don’t overpack.

Recommended Packing List for Manaslu Trek in September

  • Sun protection hat
  • Head scarf
  • Neck scarf or gaiter
  • Moisture-wicking base layers
  • Warm mid-layers (thermals and sweater)
  • T-shirts
  • Hooded rain jacket
  • Waterproof/windproof trousers
  • Hiking shorts
  • Cotton pant
  • Gloves and socks
  • Undergarments
  • Trekking pole
  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack
  • Rain cover for your luggage
  • Trekking boots with good traction
  • Sports shoes with good grip
  • Camp sandals or slippers
  • Headlamp
  • Personal care products
  • First aid kit
  • Map and compass

Gain Insights On:

Food and Accomodation in Manaslu Trek in September

8 Days Short Manaslu Circuit Trek

Septemeber is the starting month of the autumn season. By this period the teahouses along the route are already prepared for the flow of the trekkers. The food menu is extensive, and the accommodation facilities are well-maintained. Although the facilities available in this off-beaten trek are not as advanced as mainstream destinations, you will still be able to enjoy a good level of service during your Manaslu Circuit in September.


Cultural dishes are the major attraction of this remote trekking route. However, the teahouses also serve some of the Western and other Asian cultural-inspired menus. The breakfast menus are generally light and healthy, like Gurung Bread, Chapati, Tsampa Porridge, Toat, Muesli, Eggs, Buckwheat Bread, Pancake, Fruits, Jam, Butter, Honey, Tea, Coffee, Juice, etc.

As for the lunch and dinner, the dishes are of a filling nature; you will be able to enjoy a variety of delicacies like Dal Bhat, Dhindo Gundruk, Thukpa, Shyphale, Momo, Chowmein, Aloo Tama, Steak, Pasta, Sandwich, Burger, etc.


During your standard 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will spend 11 nights in the Manaslu region. If your package also includes other itinerary plans on the mountain or handles your overall trip plan, you will spend some extra nights on the mountain and in Kathmandu. The standard trek package will get you private rooms with two or three beds per room. All the general amenities like mattresses, pillows, and blankets are given by the teahouses; however, considering your comfort, you should still bring a sleeping bag.

The communal areas, like the dining room and longue, are heated, and the rooms in the standard trekking packages are not heated. Like the room arrangements, you will also share the bathrooms. Some teahouses have attached bathrooms or in communal areas on the floor, while others have them outside.

Some Helpful Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

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  • Select your footwear with good traction
  • Stay updated on the weather forecast
  • Don’t climb too fast to higher altitudes, and acclimatize properly
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy-balance diet
  • Be mindful about your footing as the trail can be moist and slipper if you are trekking in the early part of the month
  • Stay flexible with your itinerary plans and have some contingency days in case you have to push your plans due to bad weather
  • Be careful about the leeches and bugs in the lower region
  • Respect local culture and tradtions
  • Make sure to follow the instructions and suggestions of the guide
  • Know your limit, practice effective communication, and enjoy the journey

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