Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

  • Jan 18, 2023
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Manaslu circuit trek is one of the most popular trekking adventures in Nepal. Such a trek along the foothills of the Nepali mountains is best during vibrant seasons like spring. The Manaslu circuit trek in March is one of the best choices if you want to venture on such a trek.

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Long-duration travel around massif like Manaslu is a tough job. But choosing a suitable season for it makes treks easier and more approachable. People consider spring and autumn as the best seasons for trekking in Nepal. The same applies to the Manaslu circuit trek as well. Among the months within these seasons, we highly recommend a Manaslu circuit trek in March.

Manaslu Trek during march

March brings in a very temperate climate and comparatively stable weather conditions. The chances of rainfall and snowfall are slim. Hence, the trails are dry and suitable for smooth walks. The temperature is not in its extreme, making the long duration of journeys more comfortable.

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Let us explore more of what the Manaslu circuit trek in March brings for us.

Note: If you are planning to trek Manaslu circuit with Tsum valley, the month of March is equally suitable for this route too.

Highlights of the Manaslu circuit trek in March

  • Clear unrestricted views of snowcapped mountains, including Manaslu.
  • Trekking through the breathtaking Nepalese Himalayas in the spring
  • Experience a variety of waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and other natural attractions once the mountain route snow has dried up in February.
  • A trek during the most vibrant time of the year, with the landforms and vegetation at their peak.
  • Walk past beautiful rhododendron shrubs along the trail, especially from Deng to Shyala.
  • Enjoy waterfalls, springs, and rivers like Marsyangdi in their voluminous form post-winter.
  • During spring, there will be a lot of trekkers from all over the world on the trails. So, make friends while you are there to broaden your social circle.

Suitability reasons for the Manaslu circuit trek in March

The aesthetic beauty of Manaslu during March

Spring is the time when life starts blooming in the wildlife and vegetation after the dread of winter. Spring is the time for new beginnings. March being the start of spring makes it more special. Early springtime brings the best out of nature. The Manaslu circuit trek in March also brings the best of the region’s nature. The various geographical landforms and structures are at their peak during March.

You will notice mountain ranges like Annapurna II, Himlung and Manaslu covered in snow. The views will be immaculate as the clear sky, and fresh winter snow looms atop the mountains. The daylight is bright, and there won’t be clouds limiting your mountain vistas. The overall sightseeing of the Nepali Himalayas will be amazing in March.

Along with the mountain views, spring rise also helps the water bodies flourish. The snowmelt of February causes water bodies to expand in volume. We pass through various rivers like Marsyangdi, Budhi Gandaki, Soti Khola, Machha Khola, etc. Such rivers become vast and beautiful during spring. The waterfalls and hot water springs also gain life during this time.

The nature of March also aids the vegetation of the region. The trails are covered in greenery during spring. You will find several bushes of beautiful red rhododendron flowers blooming along the trails. The vegetations become lush and thick and show new life after being sickly in winter.

Such great vegetation also brings life to the wildlife of the area. After long hibernation of winter, wildlife comes to life in spring. The Manaslu Conservation Area houses several rare floras and faunas. Early springtime, like March, would be an excellent time to observe such wildlife. People choose spring as a time for observation of migratory birds as well. You could mark March as a time for trekking with great wildlife observation experience.

The temperate climate suitable for long-duration walks

March is the start of springtime in most of the Northern Hemisphere. The same applies to Nepal as well. Since March occurs exactly a month after winter, the weather will be relatively cool. However, it will not be cold enough to hinder your performance during long-duration treks.

The temperature swings from -6 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature will be warmer, but the early morning and nighttime might be cold. This range of temperatures is ideal for long-distance trekking. Extreme temperature swings can cause a number of problems. You lose energy for a long journey due to tiredness and dehydration brought on by the intense heat. In the same vein, really cold weather necessitates that you pack a lot of winter apparel and necessities.

March's mild weather necessitates nothing massive in the way of preparation. For the afternoon trip, you can pack full-sleeve single-layered apparel. Packing a few layers of warmer clothing might be a good idea because the area gets chilly at night.

Additionally, hypothermia's cold and snowy winter hazards won't affect you. There is very little chance of contracting a heat-related illness in the Manaslu region. The mild March weather adds more guarantee that you are also protected from heat-related illnesses like sunstroke or frostbite. So, from a temperature standpoint, the Manaslu circuit trek in March is an excellent choice.

The stable weather of March

The remote high altitude of the Himalayas is popular for having erratic weather patterns. You might go from having a bright sunny day to a doomsday-like cloud within a matter of minutes. But such unstable weather patterns subside during March. Since March is post-wintertime, the chances of snowfall are minimal. Similarly, since summer has not begun, there are very rare chances of rainfall as well.

The rainfall and snowfall in high-altitude treks are a huge discomfort. They cause road blockages, landslides, and slippery trails. Such factors bring in high risks of accidents and fall while walking. They also make transportation very difficult, in turn making resources in high-altitude areas scarce. This makes businesses like local tea houses close due.

But such issues do not occur during March. The weather will be good, with very less chance of rainfall and snow. The trails will be dry and comfortable for treks and commute. The local tea houses will be open, running, and ready to accommodate you.

A time to socialize

The favorable weather and temperature make March a preferred month for treks. Even if you decide to do the Manaslu circuit trek in March solo, you won't be alone. Both domestic and foreign tourists frequently travel the trail during March. This makes up for a great time for you to socialize with people.

It will be a great opportunity to mingle with other hikers and gain ideas for future expeditions. You also get a fantastic chance to share cultures with others because of this. You'll travel the trails with people from all around the world. On this March trip, participants can learn about the diverse cultures and values that each of them carries.

Difficulties for Manaslu circuit trek in March

Overbooked services and high expenses

The transportation and accommodation services receive a hike in customers during March. Facilitating every trekker will be very difficult during March. This subsequently leads to flight costs increasing and tea houses being expensive. Sometimes, you might not even get rooms in your local tea houses.

Early in March, these problems might not appear, but they will be widespread by the end of the month. You could occasionally have to share a room with other hikers due to the teahouses' limited room availability and service options. Additionally, you can sleep in the dining room with the other hikers. There will be a lot of trekkers sleeping there, so the lodging problems won't be too bad. However, you must make early bookings if you want a cozy bed without sharing it with anyone else.

Practicing prior reservation for facilities you need during the trek is a very good idea. Not only for your overnight accommodations, but you should also do that for your commutes, like flight fare and rides. Make sure you are in contact with your trekking agency and have these sorted out early.

It might be a crowded and noisy journey

The routes might get congested in the spring due to the increased number of hikers and mountain climbers. There is some inconvenience because so many others travel the same path. If you want to do the Manaslu circuit trek in March, you must trek with individuals to different destinations.

You can encounter some difficulties on your way if you do not want to be in crowded areas. March is not the best month for you if you are hoping for a peaceful mountain climbing vacation.

Points to be noted for the Manaslu circuit trek in March

Make early bookings

March will bring a huge number of travelers to the Manaslu region. The flights will be full, and the tea houses will be packed. So, trekking in March will bring discomfort in these regards. But you can solve this issue if you make early reservations for your trip. You can ensure early reservations by being in contact with your trekking agencies.

Only choose reputable trekking agencies.

Most individuals look for trekking agencies when heading for remote area hiking. These organizations make sure you have the right means of transportation, licenses, lodging, and guides. Such agencies are in high demand during the peak trekking season, like March. So, sometimes people choose agencies without proper background checks. It will naturally result in you being scammed.

Make sure you conduct the proper background checks before choosing trekking agencies. Pick the companies that will probably provide you with the finest deals.

Final Say

March is an excellent time for a risk-free adventurous trip on remote trekking trails. It has a favorable temperate climate and stable weather. Additionally, March is a fantastic time to enjoy unhindered views of the neighboring mountains. March is also when the wildlife and vegetation are at their best. Therefore, we strongly advise that you venture on the Manaslu circuit trek in March. Take the advice we've given you into consideration as you plan your March trip to Manalsu.

Gather a capable crew if you aim to make your Manaslu circuit trekking March hassle-free. They make necessary arrangements for permits You can rely on us at Marvel Adventure to take care of these details. For your convenience, we have put up a spring package for the Manaslu circuit trek in March that will meet your needs. You can trek at the ideal time and in style with our support. Please get in touch with us to make a reservation or to ask any questions.

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