Manaslu Trek Weather and Temperature

  • Oct 25, 2022
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Manaslu Circuit Trek is arguably one of west-central Nepal's most amazing and scenic hikes. It’s an absolutely incredible walk with a remarkably exquisite charm that no one can escape. Whether an avid hiker or amateur, everyone walking the Manaslu’s trail is under a spell of its breathtaking beauty and gorgeous surrounding.

It looks amazing all around the year but is more alive during fall and spring. The weather during these two seasons is the nicest and most pleasant, with longer daylight hours and warm sunshine. However, the weather in between these seasons can differ based on where you are.

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Manaslu Trek is arguably one of west-central Nepal's most amazing and scenic hikes. It’s an absolutely incredible walk with a remarkably exquisite charm that no one can escape. Be it an avid hiker or amateur, everyone walking the Manaslu’s trail is under a spell of its breathtaking beauty and gorgeous surrounding.

It looks amazing all around the year but is more alive during fall and spring. The weather during these two seasons is the nicest and most pleasant, with longer daylight hours and warm sunshine. However, the weather in between these seasons can differ based on where you are.

Due to the large variation in altitude, the temperature swings quickly from one end to the other. Compared to higher elevations, it’s usually warm and sunny in the hills, but the temperature differs depending on when and where you’re trekking.

Manaslu experiences five climatic zones, ranging from tropical to temperate and sub-alpine. The higher point of the trek, Larkya La, is in the arctic zone as it’s severely cold here. The weather here varies from sub-zero temperatures to blazing hot summer and wet monsoon.

Trekking in winter is highly likely in Manaslu due to severe weather and extreme temperature. There is heavy snowfall from late December to mid-February, which makes the trek more challenging and risky. You can witness heavy storms and blizzards on the trek.

In Manaslu, the winters are dry and cold, while the summers are scorching hot with temperatures as high as 25 Degree Celsius. Winter tends to be crisp and cold in Manaslu. It’s long and frigid with an average low temperature of -10 Degree Celsius.

Therefore, doing a bit of research is worth it if you don’t want to get caught in bad weather. You should be extra careful when trekking in Monsoon as the trail can be wet and slippery. Its frequent and sudden rainfall can affect your schedule and may even require you to stay longer in the region.

Autumn and Spring have nice and pleasant weather of all time. It’s more comfortable trekking in these seasons as they have a dry and moist trail. The sun comes out all day long in the fall, providing you with an awe-inspiring view of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Ngadi Chuli.

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Manaslu’s weather in Spring

Spring is the ideal time for a trek in Manaslu. It’s when the weather is more stable and relaxed with a minimal change in temperature, especially during peak hours. The temperature rises to pleasantly warm in spring, and you can see more clear blue skies.

Manaslu’s weather in March

March is the month of transition as the weather makes a smooth shift from winter to summer. Days start warming up in the early month and become piping hot by mid-season. You can see a drastic swing in temperature in May as it proceeds rapidly to summer.

Its nights and mornings are pretty chilly, while the days are hot as a blaze. The temperature in March ranges from -6 to 10 Degree Celsius, making it slightly difficult to walk the rugged terrain. Hence, many trekkers descend the trail during this month.

Manaslu’s weather in April

April is the busiest month in spring. During this time, hikers take their chances to climb the trail and finish as high as they can. You don’t have to think about the rain or snow, which makes trekking less painful and challenging.

Expect warm sunny days, lush vegetation, and colorful spring blossoms in the wildlife sanctuary. The season offers a spectacular view to its guests. You can enjoy crystal clear glimpses of surrounding mountains, glaciers, and valleys.

Manaslu’s weather in May

May marks the end of spring in Manaslu. But before leaving, it provides trekkers with pleasant weather to relish. Compared to April, May is a lot warmer and drier. Its average temperature ranges from 12 to 31 Degree Celsius, which gives trekkers a tough time climbing the trail.

Spring comes alive in May as you can see blooming flowers and vegetation in the tropical forest. The month provides you with a spectacular view of lofty hills and cliffs around Manaslu. You can also take your time to explore the significant landmarks in Manaslu as it has longer days and shorter nights.

Manaslu’s weather and temperature in Autumn

Autumn’s weather is as good as spring, if not better. The temperature starts cooling off from the beginning of the season, making it convenient to go out and enjoy the walk. It’s not too hot or humid in Autumn as the cold wind blows from the mountain.

Manaslu’s weather in September

September is usually hot in Manaslu due to its proximity to summer. It often rains around the month, which makes the trail murky and wet. However, the monsoon is completely gone by late September, following which you can enjoy walking on the crowd-free trail.

Manaslu’s weather in October

October is the best month for Manaslu Trek as the weather becomes more pleasant and reliable. The warmth of summer still hovers in the region, making you feel nice and easy. The days are usually bright and sunny during the month, while the nights are cold and chilly.

The sun is out for longer in the month. Temperature and humidity are both low in October, which works in favor of hikers. They can see colorful fall foliage in and out of the conservation area. It’s also easy to catch the picturesque view of Manaslu and its surrounding peaks in October due to sunny days and blue skies.

The region is in a festive mood during the month. There is a holiday spirit among locals as they prepare to celebrate Dashain and Tihar. Trekkers are also excited to watch the colorful fall foliage in October.

Manaslu’s weather in November

Coming down to November, the temperature drops quickly, reaching the lowest possible of -2 Degree Celsius. It starts getting frosty cold from the start of the month. The temperature changes rapidly as the months prepare to welcome winter.

November often sees snow on the ground. As the temperature drops, you can feel the impact of winter, especially at higher altitudes. It’s normally dry and cold on the mountain due to less moisture. Therefore, if you’re trekking Manalu in November, bring plenty of warm clothes, including some jackets and mittens.

The weather tends to vary on day-to-day basis

Fall foliage

Weather and temperature of Manaslu in Winter

Manaslu Weather and Temperature in December

Winter in Manaslu starts in late November when autumn leaves for good. The weather is generally mild at the beginning of the season, but as time flies, it gets colder and wetter. December is still fine, with more warm days and blue skies than the following months.

There’s little snowfall in the month, especially in the lower region. But, as you go higher, the temperature drops proportionally, and winter comes into effect. On average, temperature ranges from 0 to -8 Degree Celsius, so there are frequent cold blasts and wind.

December is still busier as compared to other months as it’s warmer and scenic. There’s more greenery during this month, but you can see fresh snow on parts of Manaslu. The views are better and clearer while trekking in the first two weeks of December.

Manaslu Weather and Temperature in January

January is the coldest and darkest month of winter. With only 4 to 5 hours of daylight, it witnesses short days, making it harder to finish the long journey. The month receives heavy snowfall from the get-go, covering many parts of the region.

The trails in Manaslu are usually hidden under the snow, so you may struggle to find the way. At times may even have to use crampons, an ice ax, and a rope to climb the trail in some parts of the region. It’s quiet in Manaslu during January as most trekkers have already left or are in the process of escaping its bitter cold winter.

Manaslu Weather and Temperature in February

February is the last month of winter. So, it has a mix of warm and cold weather, although it’s mostly frigid. There’s occasional snowfall at the beginning of the month, but as the temperature soars, the trail becomes clear.

The weather is mildly warm in late February, but not as much as in March. Although it’s still winter, you can see plenty of sunshine during the day. Unfortunately, the temperature never goes above freezing at night, so the trekkers must dress in layers to stay warm.

It’ll be nice to pack plenty of warm clothes, including some insulated jackets, gloves, waterproof boots, and a scarf. Although it’s not evergreen, the views are still quite amazing during the month. You’ll get to watch snow-covered peaks and frozen ice lakes while trekking Manaslu in winter.

Manaslu’s weather and temperature in Monsoon

Summer and monsoon come together in Nepal. The weather is hot but not to the extent where it’s uncomfortable for trekkers to enjoy the trek. While June weather is still, July comes with a heavy downpour which washes off the trails and sometimes even causes floods and landslides. Therefore, you’ll have to be more cautious and well-informed while trekking Manaslu in these months.

Summer in Manaslu starts in early June and lasts for about a month and a half before the monsoon breaks in. It’s hot and dry in the month as the temperature rises above 25 Degree Celsius. The weather in the day can be pretty bad, especially for trekkers climbing steep hills in an obsessive amount of time.

Manaslu experiences soaring temperatures during the month. The weather is sweltering hot with high temperatures and humidity. There’s scorching heat in the day, while the nights are cold and breezy. Summer temperatures can range from 19 to 25 Degree Celsius in some regions.

The humidity level is at its peak in the lower regions, but it’s still easy climbing the trail. Parts of Manaslu receive light rainfall at the end of June. Average rainfall of 460 mm occurs at 1,400-meter altitudes and over 30mm from elevations above 4000 meters.

Manaslu weather in July

July is one of the hottest and rainiest months of monsoon. It’s warm at the beginning of the month as average temperatures reach high above 20 Degree Celsius. The weather isn’t quite fierce at this time, with sudden rain showers and wind gusts.

It rains most of the days in July, so there is a higher chance of landslides and floods on the trek. So take preventive measures while trekking Manaslu during the month. You might also need waterproof jackets and boots to walk the trail.

But, even if it seems inconvenient trekking in July, it’s still worth doing it. When the rain stops and washes the air dust, you’ll get a clear view of Manaslu and its surrounding peaks. The month also brings a lovely view of lush green hills and screeching rivers overflown after the monsoon.

Manaslu weather in August

Unlike July, August is wet and temperate across Manaslu. The weather is generally warm but can vary due to the altitude. You can expect the temperature to rise up to 18 Degree Celsius during the daytime and fall to the lowest of 5 Degree Celsius at night.

Days can be cloudy with frequent downpours, which can obstruct the views. You may even have trouble walking the trail as the weather is unpredictable, and it can make the trail muddy.

Rainfall in Monsoon varies depending on where you’re in the region. It’s not very comfortable being out and about in Manaslu during August as the rain makes the trail slippery. You must come prepared on the trek, especially with the clothing and rain gears.

However, trekkers are willing to cherish the good weather whenever it comes. As soon as the rain stops, you can go out and enjoy the clear sky with beautiful sunshine. The weather also provides you with the opportunity to watch the unobstructed view of shimmering snow peaks and glaciers.

Plants and other vegetations thrive in August. You can see green tropical forests along the way. As Manaslu is home to more than 33 species of mammals, you can see many rare and unique wild species.

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