Everest Base Camp Trek in April

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Nothing can beat the feeling of getting out in the mountains and getting some fresh air while enjoying the scenic view. It’s inspiring, riveting, and super rewarding with a great experience. This probably explains why people look forward to trekking in mountainous regions in Nepal, especially 12 Days Everest Base Camp Trek.

Many trekkers sign up for the Everest Base Camp trek in April as they find it worthwhile. Everything about the month fascinates hikers, be it the meaningful experience, the relaxing altitude, or the scenic view. They find the month least unpredictable and troubling as everyone can enjoy the weather.

Everest Base Camp trek in April

April offers a range of weather conditions to hikers, where the chilly morning turns into warm days and returns back to frigid at night. The days are pretty hot in the mid-spring, but the nights are chilly.

The weather is great in April, and the scenery and atmosphere are amazing. Trekkers can enjoy the breathtaking view while still making themselves feel at home. You can walk in a short-sleeved shirt, wear comfortable walking shoes, and enjoy nature.

As you trek the base camp in April, you’ll see many wildflowers and rhododendrons blooming along the way. Taking a leisurely walk through the Sagarmatha National Park will allow you to discover many wildlife and birds.

You have a lot of time to travel around and explore the valley during the Everest Base Camp Trek in April. Its longer daylight hours will give you enough time to visit many regional places.

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Table of Contents

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Spectacular view of Mt. Everest, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, and Ama Dablam
  • Explore the beautiful Namche Bazaar and its scenic towns
  • Pay a visit to Tengboche Monastery, the famous Sherpa monastery of the region
  • Discover the unique wildlife and vegetation of Sagarmatha National Park
  • Gain an insight into the rich traditions, culture, and lifestyle of people in the region
  • Hit the classic trail to Everest Base Camp at 5,364 meters
  • Take a look around the crest of Kala Patthar

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April Weather and Temperature

Everest Base Camp enjoys nice and sunny weather in April. Like a typical spring, it bears temperate weather that keeps swinging all around. The days are warm and dry in April, while the nights are cool and breezy, making the trek restful.

With winter losing grip, the weather becomes more predictable and resistant in April. You can see its crystal clear sky-sharpening visuals to make it easy to catch the view. There is no rainfall and hazes in the month of April, so the trails are walkable. There’s no snowfall in April, but the winds are crisp.

It has an average temperature ranging from 1 to 12 Degrees Celsius, so you may be cold at the mountain. So dress in layers, especially during the morning as the temperature drops abruptly. You may even witness fog in the early hour, obstructing the view.

However, April still manages to provide trekkers with the most impressive scenery. It is the perfect time to celebrate the beauty and magnificence of Everest Base Camp. You can see budding flowers popping all across the regions and into the woods.

Spring brings trees back to life. There’s greenery everywhere, and the landscapes look amazing. In April, you can stretch your time on the trail and enjoy the beautiful pastures with longer daylight hours.

You must be careful of the temperature, as it varies with the altitude. The lower regions like Namche and Lukla usually have soaring temperatures in April; as you go higher, the temperature falls dramatically. The minimum temperature at base camp can be as low as -10 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature at Lukla can be 16 Degrees Celsius.

Everest Base Camp trek in April weather

Why trek Everest Base Camp in April?

1. Eye-catching scenery

Everest Base Camp is always known for its unparalleled beauty, fairytale scenes, and fascinating places in all of Khumbu. It has a mix of shimmering mountains, crystal clear waterways, and steep ice slopes, giving an exotic feel.

Everest Base Camp has a sheer number of undulating landscapes which captivate hikers. Exploring the camp is adventurous, but the journey alone makes the trek even more worthwhile.

Travelers make the most of their Everest Base Camp Trek in April as it provides great visibility. Its clear days with eye-catching scenery and blossoming landscapes will offer you a great backdrop.

2. Unique culture and festivities

Everest Base Camp can be viewed as one of the most appealing treks in the entire Himalayas. Split into parts from valleys to mountains, the trek takes you through the entire region. It allows you to meet the locals and see Khumbu through their eyes.

The trek will help you discover different languages, customs, and traditions. Hiking in the month of April offers you a chance to celebrate Nepalese festivals like Chaite Dashain and Ram Navami. Attend the get-together and be part of the crowd.

3. Great weather and Atmosphere

The weather at Everest Base Camp in April is notably the best of all month. It’s quite hot, with temperatures rising as high as 12 Degrees Celsius. You can enjoy warm weather in the daytime and a cool breeze at night.

Its mild weather makes the trek more accessible than the rest of the months. The weather doesn’t fluctuate much in April, preventing the overdue. The month has long days and sunny weather that allows the trekker to enjoy the walk while hailing scenic views.

4. Lively villages and towns

Everest Base Camp has many idealistic cities and towns that look spectacular in any season. They are vibrant, aesthetic, and a feast for the eyes. The imposing structure and rich history of these towns and villages fascinate hikers and draw their attention.

It dazzles many of these visitors and makes them stay in the town. A few of them even find themselves discovering the villages like Namche on their way back. Visiting the old towns and villages in Khumbu is always delightful, but April makes it even better. With blooming flowers and lush green forests, the village looks like a scene from a fairytale.

5. Birds Migration

Once the spring peaks, you can see more than 200 species of birds in the Khumbu region, most of them being inhabited in Sagarmatha National Park. It will provide you with the opportunity to discover as many birds as possible. You can hear alpine cough and pheasant chirping all along the way.

Challenges of trekking Everest Base Camp in April

1. High altitude

High-altitude treks pose a threat to trekkers in the Himalayas. The continuous ascent up an altitude above 5,000 meters makes them vulnerable to altitude sickness. The higher you go, the thinner the air, which turns the trek into a more challenging one. Failing to adjust to the weather makes trekkers dizzy and restless. Some might even have headaches and anxiety due to low oxygen at high altitudes.

2. Huge Crowd

Everest Base Camp is the most touristed in April when the weather is warm and beautiful. This is the time of the year when trekkers swarm the region, hoping to get as high as 5,634 meters. The trails are crowded the whole time, making it hard for trekkers to get alone time. You can expect long lines and fully booked hotels on the course however, it’s not as bad as Autumn.

3. Rough and steep trail

Everest Base Camp may not have the most challenging trails in the eastern Himalayas, but the trekking isn’t any easier. It starts with a gentle walk, but the trail becomes narrower and steeper as you move further.

You have to ascend rugged hills and deep valleys en route to the camp. Walking the glacial moraines and scrambling sheer cliffs will be part of the hike. So even though the Everest Base Camp trek isn’t technically difficult, there are many sections where you’ll have to be extra careful and resilient

4. High Fares

April offers the best chance to enjoy excellent weather, but it also comes with a huge cost. Everything is expensive in the month, whether it’s the accommodation or the flight. It’s hard to get a nice offer and deals at the last minute, so prepare beforehand. At peak time, the fare of flights from Kathmandu to Lukla can be extremely high, maximizing your budget. Therefore, you better book the flight in time.

5. Trekking Distance

Everest Base Camp Trek may refer to as a moderate hike, but it’s trails are no joke. You’re supposed to cover a total trekking distance of 130 km round trip. The long-distance walking trails are quite exhausting and rough. It ranges from well-paved trails to rugged hills and glacial moraines, which are far-stretching and strenuous. Trekkers who’re new to mountainous terrains and its weather conditions will face a lot of challenges while doing the trek.

Food & Accommodation

There’s a wide variety of accommodations in Khumbu. From affordable homestays to well-facilitated hotels and guesthouses, you can find all types of accommodation options along the way. However, it’s the teahouses that are more popular among backpackers.

They are everywhere, making access quick and easy. Hikers can book the accommodation before or during the trek, but since April is the peak time for tourists, it’s better to do it beforehand.

While often cheap, the facilities in teahouses are quite reliable. You can enjoy your stay here with a comfy bed, a blanket, and a pillow. The accommodation is strictly regulated, so it’s unlikely to be mediocre, but the services are not top-end.

Most of the teahouses are familial, so you can directly meet the accommodation owner and request a discount. They have single bedrooms and en suite, but the teahouses often have shared bathrooms.

You can get all types of food and cuisines in the hotels and teahouses in Everest Base Camp Trek. But the most common food served in the dining is typical Nepali food consisting of dal, bhat, and tarkari.

They prepare the dishes using local products and vegetables from farms. Foods are served fresh on the dinner plate. They are usually less expensive, but those transported from the city using mules and porters can cost you more.

prepare for Everest Base Camp trek in April

How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek in April

April is the peak time for the spring season. So, making preparations beforehand only seems obvious and the right thing to do. Although the Everest Base Camp trek is an easy trek compared to others, it still is quite challenging to pull off, especially who have never traveled to mountainous regions.

You’ll have to focus more on the physical training as the trek to Everest Base Camp is tough. It has long-stretching steep hills and deep valleys, which require huge stamina. The trek requires great flexibility and endurance, so ensure you have what it takes to pull off the trek.

Get yourself in fitness training and exercise like jogging, cycling, brisk walking, and swimming. Make sure you start the workout at least four works prior to the trek. This will help you adapt to the workout routine and avoid any kind of injury.

What essentials are required for Everest Base Camp Trek in April?

Packing for a long-distance hike like Everest Base Camp is always tricky. You have to be more thoughtful and wise about what goes into the backpack and what you want to bring. Since Khumbu experiences warm weather in April, it’s better to carry light clothes like short sleeve t-shirts, pants, and trousers.

It has a hot day with temperatures soaring up to 12 Degrees Celsius, so help yourself with a hat and sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring a trekking pole, as it will provide you with additional support to walk the trail.

The temperature at Base Camp drops quickly at night, so wear a few warm clothes. You must also have a few pieces of trekking gear with you, including a comfortable hiking boot, a lightweight jacket, and some basic things. You must also have a power bank and extra batteries to charge your phone and camera.

Clothes & Footwear

  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Lightweight wind Jacket
  • Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Lightweight Hiking Pants
  • Thermal Tops
  • Trekking Socks
  • Flip flops / Sandals
  • Hiking Boot


  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Hat / Cap
  • Gaiter

Other Essentials

  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Head Light
  • Quick drying Hand Towel

Mental training

Mental exercise is as important as physical training, except you don’t need to spend weeks and months preparing for it. All you need to do is build confidence and don’t give up without a fight. You must prepare yourself mentally so you won’t get intimidated and anxious on an actual day.

Stay calm and relax until you’re ready on the trail. Give yourself enough time to rest before the trek. It’ll help you recover quickly and give you the strength to walk the trail. Do proper research to know what to expect from the trek and prepare accordingly.

Everest Base Camp trek in April

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in April

1. Make advance booking

Although April offers excellent weather and great scenery, it’s also the busiest time of the year. Larger crowds can overwhelm you and make the trek difficult, especially when finding accommodation. Therefore, you must book the rooms in advance to avoid any kind of hassle. This will also help you get your desired accommodation at the best price. The rooms are booked way faster in the peak season; therefore, getting the accommodation beforehand is better.

2. Hire a guide and porter

Hiring a guide and porter is common in Khumbu. If you feel inapt to hike the base camp with your backpack, take a porter's help. They’ll carry your backpack all along the way, making the hike easier and more comfortable. You must also hire a guide to get around the region and learn more about the place. The guide will help you interact with the locals and also help you discover many tourist attractions and provide you with the

3. Altitude Sickness is real

Trekking Everest Base Camp is a pain for many trekkers but beginners. Climbing steep hills and cliffs at high altitudes can make you vulnerable and sick. So, don’t take it lightly, especially when going higher elevation. Get help if needed and take proper rest as it’ll allow you to recover from the altitude sickness.

4. Plan the itinerary

The trek to Everest Base Camp depends on how long you want to stay in the region and what places you want to visit. So, planning the itinerary is important to make the most of the hike. It’s also required to maximize the budget and duration of the trip.

There are many side treks in Khumbu that you can explore, but doing so will take a lot of time. Therefore, planning the itinerary will provide you with details of the trek and help you make the necessary preparations.

5. Stay hydrated

You’re always dehydrated when trekking Base Camp in April. The rising temperature and scorching heat will wear you out and can even cause you to collapse. So, drink enough water and do it regularly. Use a refillable water bottle to fetch water and drink it as often as needed. Just know where to use the water supplies, and you’ll be fine.

  1. Indulge in workout

One of the major concerns of novice trekkers is whether they’re fit enough for the base camp trek. Since Everest Base Camp is a moderate hike, you don’t have to push yourself for extreme exercise. However, long-distance walking and some regular exercise are quite good for the physical health of trekkers.

It’s important for trekkers to train themselves before the hike. It’ll increase their perseverance and help them handle difficulties more responsibly. Trekkers can do cardio exercises like jogging and cycling to improve their physical strength and stability.

7. Pack Smart

Take enough time to pack your backpack as you don’t want it to overweight or underweight. Don’t rush, and select every item carefully. This will give you enough space for as many items as you want to bring on the trek. Carrying unnecessary items can slow your pack and make the trek more difficult than it already is. It might weigh you down and exhaust you too soon, too fast.

8. Find your own pace

There’s no need for you to level up or outmatch the speed of your fellows on the trek. You can take your time instead of rushing on the trail. Just know that you’ll not always be at the peak of your fitness, and taking a break is normal. The trail can take a toll on any hikers, even professional ones. So you must listen to your body and give it enough rest when needed. Split the trek into sections when you feel like it.

9. Train sufficiently

Some people often make the mistake of taking the Everest Base Camp Trek easily and eventually regret it. Given the distance walking and rigidness of the trail, you’ll have to be physically trained for the hike.

Routine exercise is quite important for trekkers of Everest Base Camp as it makes them fit and competent to walk the trails. Doing cardiovascular exercises like jumping jacks and cycling builds endurance and gives you a more stable base. You can also do aerobatics to improve your balance and have more flexibility while hiking the trails.

Final Say

April is undeniably the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek. It offers full spring weather with mostly sunny days and mild temperatures. You can meet locals, interact with them and make great memories during the trek. You may have difficulty coping with the crowd as it remains busy in April. However, you’ll still get to enjoy the beautiful scenes of lush green hills and towering mountains. April is the month of celebrations for locals in Khumbu. So, you also join them in the events and get to know more about their culture and traditions.

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