How Much Does It Cost for Langtang Valley Trek?

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How Much Does It Cost for Langtang Valley Trek? What is the total Langtang Valley Trek Cost? If you are considering doing Langtang Valley Trek, the question is surely in your head.

Well, we all would have the same because cost is one important thing. While planning a trek, we should also plan about the budget. Therefore, this blog will provide a detailed Langtang Valley Trek cost guide.

Langtang Valley Trek is a trek that every trek enthusiast should opt for. It is full of experiences that remain locked for a long time. You should probably add this trek to your bucket list.

To do this trek, you do not need a super budget. It is a remote trek that takes you into the beautiful but rural Langtang Valley. You only have to cover basic things. The major expenses of the trek are transportation, accommodation, and food.

Likewise, you will need a licensed guide, which is compulsory. For safety measures, solo or free trekking is banned. Hence, a guide is another important part of the Langtang Valley Trek Cost. Similarly, you will require money for personal expenses, tipping, souvenirs, etc.

Combining all together, Langtang Valley Trek is a relatively inexpensive trek. A standard Langtang Valley Trek costs around 600-700 USD. However, the cost can vary by itinerary, duration, luxury, and route.

Overall, Langtang Valley Trek Cost is a manageable one. The experiences of the trek are worth thousands more than the cost. As said earlier, they will remain in your head for an extended period.

Read ahead to know everything about Langtang Valley Trek Cost. Includes, excludes, and some FAQs are expressed below.

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Langtang Valley Trek Package Cost

Langtang Valley Trek Cost.

The Langtang Valley Trek package cost is USD 675 per person. It is an inclusive price per individual. However, you can get discounts on group trekking and limited offer times.

You must pay the amount to do the trek, which our team will organize and lead. After that, you do not have to face any hassles like getting trekking permits, arranging transportation, finding accommodation, and ordering food. You will have an experienced guide to manage things.

The cost will include all the basic costs of the trek, which are listed below. However, it will not cover all kinds of expenses like personal expenses. You can find them a bit below. Let’s jump to the section.

What is Included

Langtang Valley Trek is a long trek where you have to bear various expenses. These are the expenses that the package cost will cover. Once you pay the cost, you do not have to pay for these listed expenses.


You’ll require two permits for Langtang Valley Trek: TIMS Card and Langtang National Park Entry Permit. It is compulsory to have these two permits. Otherwise, you are not allowed to trek. During the trek, you have to show the permits at several checkpoints.

The first one, TIMS Card, is a must-have permit for trekking anywhere in Nepal. It stands for Trekker’s Information Management System(TIMS). This card holds information about trekkers, which is used in the case of tracking trekkers. It costs NPR 2000. The SAARC nationals, those from South Asian countries, can obtain it at NPR 1000.

Likewise, Langtang National Park Permit is the second and last permit for the trek. It is to enter the protected area, home to diverse and rare flora and fauna. The permit costs NPR 3000. If you are from a SAARC country, you can obtain the same permit at NPR 1,500.

You can obtain these two permits from Nepal Tourism Board’s office in Kathmandu. Two passport-sized photos and a photocopy of your passport are required. You may also require dates of the trek, entry & exit points, and trek route.

In the package cost of Langtang Valley Trek, these permits’ expenses will be included.


lama-hotel-of-langtangAccommodation cost is one of the most basic costs of Langtang Valley Trek. As you land in Nepal for the trek, you have to rest and relax somewhere. The trip begins in Kathmandu, where you will take a comfortable place. There is a wide range of options available in Kathmandu. It ranges from USD 15 to 250 per night or more.

Nevertheless, you will have limited accommodation options as you leave Kathmandu and join the trail. The tea houses will be the places, which are around USD 5 to 8 per night. If it is peak time, the cost will be a bit higher.

At that price, you will get basic but comfortable rooms. The rooms are on a sharing basis in most of the places. You may or may not get attached bathrooms. In high time, the good rooms may run out. You have to book in advance in such a case.

While in a low season, you can have all options available.

The Langtang Valley Trek package will cover the cost.

Meals and Beverages

Another basic expense is the expense of meals and beverages. One meal can cost you around 6 to 12 USD on the trek. The teahouses and lodges cook limited meals that are popular among people, like Dumplings(Momos), noodles, Dal Bhat, Sandwiches, Pasta, Burger, Pizza, Bread, etc. Dal Bhat is the major meal option.

Likewise, drink options like tea, coffee, cold drinks, energy drinks, etc, are available in USD 2 to 4. The teahouses and outlets around the trail serve these beverages. Remember, the cost of meals and beverages will increase with altitude. The higher we reach, the higher the cost of things, and vice versa.

As your trek organizer, we choose the best places for food and meals. You are sure to get hygienic, nutritious, and well-cooked food. The costs of these will be incorporated into the package cost.


The journey of Langtang Valley begins from Kathmandu. From Kathmandu, you have to reach Syabrubesi, the beginning point of the trek, which is a drive of 122 km/ 57.8 miles or 9-10 hours long. You can hire a jeep or take a public bus to Syabrubesi.

A local bus to Syabrubesi fromKathmandu costs around USD 10. You have to travel with locals and may not get desired seats in the case of overcrowding.

Another option is to take a private jeep by hiring. The cost of hiring a jeep to the palace is around USD 140. It can accommodate up to 6 passengers. You can do this option if you are in a group. As per your plan, the transportation will be arranged and so will the cost.

Moreover, all land transportation costs are covered by the package cost. For example, you will need hotel and airport transfer and similar movement. The Langtang Valley Trek package cost will cover all these costs.

Guide and Porter Cost

Lantang Valley Trek guide and porter cost

Taking a guide is a must as per the new safety measures rule. You should hire an expert and licensed guide for the trek by paying a daily salary. The guide will make the trek convenient and exciting. As a wage, the guide will take around USD 30 per day. The salary will cover the accommodation, meals, and insurance.

Likewise, you may need a porter to carry a backpack and loads. The porter will transport your luggage wherever you go. You have to pay around USD 25 per day to a porter. The daily wage will include the porter’s lodging, food, and insurance. The guide and porter costs are included in the Langtang Valley Trek cost.

First Aid Kit

It can happen various kinds of injuries and health issues on the trek. Thus, for immediate aid, Our team carries a first aid kit. It includes kits for cuts, sunburn, fractures, choking, sprains, muscle strains, altitude sickness, insect bites, stomachache, cramps, dehydration, fainting, etc.

Having a first aid kit on a trek like Langtang Valley Trek is important. The guide can offer instant help. Thus, the package cost always includes the cost of the first aid kit.

If the situation arrives, you will get a comprehensive first aid kit during the trek.

Government Taxes and Official Expenses

The hotels, permits, and food items all include government taxes. The agency pays the tax duties you are liable for throughout the trek. Hence, it is automatically included in the Langtang Valley Trek package cost.

Likewise, there will be miscellaneous official expenses while operating your trek. As you know, expenses can be small and unprecedented too. These expenses will be included in the cost reasonably.

What is excluded?

After reading the costs included in Langtang Valley Trek, you should also read what is not. The package cost will not cover all kinds of expenses. It only includes the basic expenses and excludes personal nature ones. Have a look at what are the excludes.

Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu

Breakfast cost while in Kathmandu is included in the cost, not Dinner and Lunch. Well, there are ample good places in Kathmandu to eat and dine. You surely would like to explore food on your own.

Or, you may prefer to go with something other than our planned meal. Therefore we have excluded the lunch and dinner costs while in Kathmandu. The meals elsewhere on the trek are included in the cost.

International Airfare

The package cost does not include international airfare. You have to pay the cost separately. Both Nepal arrival and departure airfares are not included. The package will cover the costs of the things during the trip.

Nepal Entry Visa Fee

The Nepal entry visa fee is also not covered by the package cost. You have to pay it independently. The same is the case for visa extension fees. It needs to be paid separately.

Travel Insurance

Travelers’ travel insurance is also not included in the package cost. It is a preliminary and compulsory thing. You must buy travel insurance to get the permits for the trek. And It is more like a personal expense. Hence, it is not covered.

Personal Expenses

The Langtang Valley Trek costs do not cover any personal expenses except the basic ones. You may like to eat, drink or buy things. Or you may have various personal expenses like charging phones, hot showers, etc. The cost depends on you and your situation. You have to bear the expenses as the package will not cover them.


You may choose to tip your guide or porter. Or you may like to donate to someone. All these expenses are not compulsory but a choice. The people might also expect from you. As it is up to you, it is not included in the cost.


You would like to buy things for yourself or close ones. These are personal expenses. Hence, the package cost will not entertain these expenses.

Entry Fees for Kathmandu Valley Heritage Sites

kathmandu sightseeing

During the second day of the tour, you will do Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing. On that visit, you will visit famous world heritage sites as the town has several good ones.

To enter these places, you have to pay entry fees. The fee applies to almost all the sites. You may like to visit some, all, or no one. It’s all your pick. Hence, the cost of entry fees is left to you.

Factors moderating Langtang Valley Trek Cost

These factors alter the cost of the Langtang Valley Trek.


The cost will increase if you add Langtang Valley Trek with Gosaikunda Lake Trek or Helambu Village Trek. There are good treks that you can merge with the trek. With the addition, the days will increase, and so will the expenses. Likewise, if you shorten the trek, the cost will plunge.


The cost of doing Langtang Trek varies with the season. You must pay one cost if you do it in a peak season like Autumn and Spring. In a low season, you have to pay another cost. The cost of the trek in the low season is lower and vice versa. So timing moderates the cost.


The mode of transportation you choose also changes the cost. Your cost increases if you choose a private jeep.


The type of accommodation you select is another variable. The lavish places charge more, and the basic ones are cheaper. Thus, the cost varies with the type of accommodation.

Food and Drink

The number of times you consume food or drink; the type of food or drink you take will moderate the cost. You will have various choices. You can go for local and cheap Dal Bhat or costly Pizza or Burger. Likewise, you can go with tea or overpriced coffee.

Personal Expense Habits

Your spending habits also moderate the cost of the Langtang Valley trek. If you are spending on a budget, you can lower the cost. Or if you are throwing cash on everything, the cost will increase.

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How Much Does It Cost for Langtang Valley Trek?

The cost depends on various factors. However, the standard cost of Langtang Valley Trek is around 600-700 USD per pax.

Is Langtang Valley Trek worth it?

It is one of the most famous trekking trails. The trek is worthwhile for its breathtaking peaks, unique Tibetan culture, diverse landscapes, lush vegetation, and more. You will have great moments in the valley.

How long is the Langtang Valley Trek?

The trek is doable in between 8 to 15 days. The duration depends on the route, acclimatization, and destinations. It can be extended or shortened. However, you need at least 7 days for a good Langtang Trek.

Is Langtang Valley Trek difficult?

It is a moderate trek, which means both easy and easy. You can do this trek in around one week or so. You have to trek in the mountains. The weather, altitude, rugged terrain, and naive conditions can make it difficult. If you have preparation, it is relatively easy.

Can you trek Langtang without a guide?

No, you need a licensed guide for the trek. It is made compulsory by the regulators for trekkers’ safety concerns. You will not get a permit for the trek if you do not hire a guide for the trek.

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