Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost and Itinerary

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mountain view during Manaslu Circuit trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a paradise for off-beaten trail lovers and for those trekking enthusiasts who want to just immerse in the peaceful serenity of this secluded region away from the mainstream trekking route crowd. This iconic Himalayan expedition takes you on an exploration of the wilderness of the Manaslu region from west-central prospects is certainly a remarkable and once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but how much does it cost? Generally, the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost and Itinerary vary from agency to agency depending on the quality of services and amenities as well as the exploration of the highlights of the region.

For the most general package, you can expect the standard cost between US$ 1,100 to US$ 1,600, which includes all the lodging, food, transportation, and permit costs. However, the longer extensive Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary that includes a side exploration can cost more and the short detailed exploration relatively lower. Thus, overall, the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost depends on what kind of adventure you are looking for. In this article, we have compiled the standard Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost and Itinerary that you can expect during your expedition as well as the included and excluded expense heads of the trekking package.

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General Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost and Itinerary

Although the package days can alter depending upon the side exploration and itinerary plans, during your general Manaslu Circuit Trek, you can expect the following plans.

10 Days- Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary

Best season for 10 days manaslu trek

This 10 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary is a short trekking expedition of the region that doesn’t follow the major elevation jump points of the region and is more based on a smooth and easy exploration experience of the Himlayan region.

Day 01: Kathmandu to Soti Khola (710 meters) drive

Day 02: Trekking from Soti Khola to Machha Khola (870 meters)

Day 03: Machha Khola to Jagat (1,350 meters)

Day 04: Trekking from Jagat to Deng (2,130 meters)

Day 05: Deng to Namrung (2,630 meters) trek

Day 06: Namrung to Samagaun (3,500 meters)

Day 07: Trekking from Samagaun to Samdo (3,860 meters)

Day 08: Samdo to Bimtang (3,720 meters)

Day 09: Bimthang to Dharapani (1,669 meters) trek

Day 10: Drive back to Kathmandu (1,400 meters) from Dharapani

13 Days- Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trek

This 13 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary follows the classical circuit trek of the Manaslu region taking you all the way to the Dharamsala (4,480 meters) and trekking down to Bimtang from one of the highest Himalayan passes, Larke La Pass at the elevation of 5,106 meters (16,751 feet).

Day 01: Kathmandu to Machha Khola (870 meters) drive

Day 02: Trekking from Machha Khola to Jagat (1,350 meters)

Day 03: Jagat to Deng (2,130 meters)

Day 04: Trekking to Namrung(2,630 meters) from Deng

Day 05: Namrung to Lho (3,180 meters) trekking

Day 06: Trek to Samagaun (3,500 meters) from Lho

Day 07: Acclimatization and exploration day at Samagaun

Day 08: Trekking from Samagaun to Samdo (3,860 meters)

Day 09: Samdo to Dharamsala (4,480 meters)

Day 10: Trekking down to Bimtang (3,720 meters) from Dharamsala via Larke La Pass (5,106 meters)

Day 11: Trekking from Bimtang to Tilche (2,560 meters)

Day 12: Trekking down from Tilche to Dharapani (1,669 meters) and drive to Beshisahar (1,430 meters)

Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu (1,400 meters) from Besisahar

Note: Although both of these packages follow the general itinerary plans if you are looking for a prolongated or any specific highlight expedition, Marvel Adventure will personalize the trekking package according to your needs and preference. You can decide the pace, highlights, and acclimatization as per your desire for a more comfortable and immersive adventure.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

The general price range for 10 Days- Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary is between US$ 800 to US$ 1000, whereas for the longer variant on the classical trails, 13 Days- Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary, the cost starts from US$ 1,100 to US$ 1,600. Although it is a general price estimation, you can expect the price to exceed the lower margins depending on the services and amenities during the trial. We here at Marvel Adventure offer this iconic Himlayan expedition,13 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek at just US$ 1,148 per person.

This is a fully guided expedition and the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost includes all government expenses, the cost of guides and porters, food and accommodation, and the salary as well as insurance of the expedition crew; there are no hidden costs, whatsoever. In this guided expedition our team will also manage and arrange all other additional Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost including necessary permits and documentation, land transportation, TIMS Card, ACAP and MCAP special permits, and first aid.

What is Included in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost?

As this 13 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek at just US$ 1,148 is a fully guided expedition that covers your every kind of basic need from food and accommodation to permits, you don’t have to pay a single dollar for ‘includes’ components of the adventure. For a more brief understanding of the includes and excludes of this Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost, we have listed all the necessary details below.


In most of the Himalayan expeditions in Nepal, you will need to acquire several permits to enter the protected and restricted areas. The same goes for this epic Himlayan adventure from the west-central prospects of the Himalayas, you will need to get four trekking permits to do this trek. You will need to get a Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP), Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP), and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permits to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

In addition to those special permits for the trek, you will also need to get the TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System) Card which is mandatory for any high-altitude trekking adventure in the country. If you happen to be traveling without the necessary permits, you will have to pay for the permits as well as an extra fine for traveling without the permits.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For Permits Manaslu Restricted Area Permit Cost: US$ 100 per person (September to November) US$ 75 per person (December to August) Manasalu Conservation Area Permit Cots: US$ 30 per person (for foreign tourists) US$ 10 per person (SAARC Nationals) Rs.100 per person (Nepali trekkers) Annapurna Conservation Area Permit Cost: US$ 30 per person (for foreign tourists) US$ 10 per person (SAARC Nationals) Rs.100 per person (Nepali trekkers) TIMS Card Cost: US$ 28 (for foreign tourists) US$ 10 (SAARC Nationals)


Accommodation Options for the Manaslu Circuit TrekAccommodation is one of the most basic costs that you have to bear during this epic Himalayan adventure as you cannot continue the trekking expedition without a proper resting destination after a long day’s walk. Thus in your Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost, accommodation takes priority in the expense list, you can use the accommodation facilities at the star hotels during your stay at the Kathmandu, however, during your trekking expedition, you will be staying at the teahouses rung by the local inhabitants.

As the Manaslu Circuit Trek takes place in one of the remote and secluded regions of the Himalayas, you can expect a moderate level of accommodation facilities during your trek. At the teahouses along the trail, you will accommodate a well-furnished room with adjourning beds, mostly 2 or 3. Your bed will have a comfortable mattress, pillow, and warm blanket which pretty much covers all the basic essentials, you are recommended to take a four-seasonal sleeping bag with you along the trail. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For Hotel Cost of Accommodation at Kathamandu: Starting price at US$ 7 Cost of Accommodation at Teahouses: US$3- 7

Food and Beverages

Moving along the most basic expense list, a well-balanced nutritious diet is the most crucial factor in replenishing the lost energy and physically preparing yourself for the adventure the next day. Although our trekking package takes care of all your food and lodging during your expedition, you will have to manage them yourself during your stay in Kathmandu.

You can enjoy any kind of national and international star delicacies during your stay at the capital, however, menus are pretty much limited when it comes to trekking along the teahouses in the remote part of the Himalayas. But, that doesn’t mean that you will have to do with local dishes that you are not familiar with, you will still be able to enjoy continental, local, and Tibetan-influenced dishes even if you might not get an extensive set of menus. Including the local and Tibetan delicacies, you can also expect continental dishes like toast, cornflakes, oatmeal, pudding, spring rolls, sandwiches, pizza, spring rolls, pasta, spaghetti, pizza, macaroni, etc. during the trek.

As for the drinks you have several options from soft to hard drinks like canned juice, fresh juice, tea, coffee, energy drinks, whiskey, rum, vodka, and local alcoholic beverages. Note: Alcoholic beverages are not recommended during high-altitude adventures as they complicate the acclimatization process as well as put the trekker’s life at risk. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For Food and Beverages Cost of food and beverages in Kathmandu: US$ 4- 8 Cost of food and beverages at teahouses: US$ 2- 3 (at the lower regions) US$ 4- 6 (at the higher altitudes) Cost of Beverages: Starting at US$ 3

Guides and Porters

The cost of guides and porters is another top priority in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost as your journey becomes more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. Hiring local guides will ensure you the best value experience as they are familiar with every nook and hook of the region and take you on the exploration of the hidden gems in the localities. Traveling with the guide also makes your trekking adventure more informative and you will be able to perceive the true beauty of the region from a local’s perspective. Similarly, the porters are someone who can lessen your burden to make your experience more enjoyable.

If you have never done high-altitude trekking, where you have to cover a distance of 6-7 hours on average, even walking at a rising altitude becomes a difficult task, thus, trekking carrying a significant weight can make the trek challenging. But, hiring the porters will significantly reduce your overall luggage weight and you will be able to truly enjoy and immerse in the magnificent beauty of the Himlayan region. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For Guides and Porters Cost for guides for Manaslu Circuit Trek: US$ 20- 25 Cost for porters for Manaslu Circuit Trek: US$ 15- 20


If you were to do this Manaslu Circuit Trek on your own, you would have to make arrangements for all the ground transportation facilities as there isn’t a particular flight operation for this remote trekking route. Regardless of your Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary plans, you have to take land transportation during the first part of the trek either from Kathmandu to Soti Khola or from Kathmandu to Machha Khola. Similarly, after concluding your trekking expedition, you need to hire another transportation service that takes you back to Kathmandu from Dharapani or Besisahar.

You could hire several modes of transportation for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, from local buses to tourist buses, jeeps, and taxis. Although the most cost-efficient way to travel to the trekking point would be via a local bus, for a more comfortable experience you can switch to the tourist bus or jeep. Taxis are the most convenient for traveling at your own pace but can be really costly. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For Transportation Cost for a local bus: US$ 3 (one way) Cost for private jeeps: US$ 8- 10 Cost for tourist bus: US$ 10- 15 Cost for taxis: US$ 70- 100

What is not Included?

Food and accommodation during Manaslu Circuit Trek

After discussing the general cost of what is included in your Manaslu Circuit Trek package let’s move on to the expenses head that you have to cover on your own during this remarkable Himlayan expedition.


Although your Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost in our package will cover the expenses of every essential service along the way, your tipping cost is exempt from our package cost. Similar to the eatery, accommodating, or other service-oriented facilities where you are expected to leave a tip, the same goes for this beautiful Himlayan expedition. Although there isn’t a fixed rate or mandatory tipping policy for trekking adventures in Nepal, it is expected. Obviously traveling and creating fond memories with your expedition crew you might want to help them out in some way. The general tipping margin for the Himlayan guide is between US$ 10- 15 and for the porters US$ 8- 10, you can tip your crew after successful completion of the trek and the expectation is pretty much the same for either solo or group trekking expeditions.


Moving along the list, in case you want to make any kind of donations during your Manaslu Circuit Trek be it for the natural cause, village development, libraries, or school, your total package cost will not bear such expenses. Unlike the tipping, this is not that much expected in your trekking trail as you traverse across the remote part of the Himalayas, many tourists are known to make such small donations. Especially, trekkers who are quite familiar with the Himalayan trekking adventures usually carry around books and toys for the children around the region and make a small donation that goes to the overall infrastructural development of the region.

Drinks and Desserts

Your Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost will not cover the drinks and desserts you order along the teahouses during the trek. Although our package will cover the standard meals during your trek for the drinks and desserts you will need to buy it yourself. As there is no way to accurately estimate the total expenses of drinks, desserts, and snacks along the trekking trails, most of the packages do not include such expenses. You can expect the drinks, desserts, and snacks along the trail to be somewhere between US$ 3 -5, if you snack a lot bring enough change to enjoy them during your trek.

Visa and Insurance

Including your international airfare expenses, this Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost will also not include the visa fee and travel insurance (it is mandatory). You will have to arrange these documents on your own after your arrival in Nepal and they don’t cost that much either for a 15-day tourist visa you will pay US$ 30, for a 30-day US$ 50, and for a 90-day US$ 125. As for the travel insurance, the price range is between US 85- US$ 150 for 7-day insurance and US$ 300- US$ 550 for 30-day insurance. As the travel insurance cost is assessed based on age factors if you are 39 or below, you will be just paying the initial standard amount.


As for any personal expenses beyond the mentioned package incurred during the expedition, your Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost will not include the expenses for the souvenirs either. After the successful completion of this exhilarating and iconic Himalayan expedition, you might want to buy some souvenirs as a memoir to relive this remarkable experience. Although the price for the souvenirs can greatly vary depending on the product quality and its significance, you can expect the most normal souvenirs to cost around US$ 2- 5 whereas the other high-grade products can even cross the US$ 500- 1,000 margins. Just make sure that you don’t get scammed and end up paying a high price, for the most authentic artifacts and handicrafts you can explore the major cultural sites in the capital valley. You may also like:

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