10 Days Manaslu Trek

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10 Days Manaslu Trek is an exhilarating and iconic adventure in the remote west-central part of the Himalayas that takes the trekkers across the trail passing through rich biodiversity, global heritage, and breathtaking unspoiled natural terrains of the region. This iconic expedition traverses to the foothills of the eight-tallest mountain in the world Mt. Manaslu, at an elevation of 8,163 meters (26,781 feet), and is popular for the intact wilderness that lets you reconnect with nature.

This short and sweet expedition of the Manaslu region into the culturally enriching and remote-rugged trails of the Himalayas is a perfect package for trekking enthusiasts who want an immersive experience away from the crowd and are bound by the time frame. Marvel Adventure offers this best-value experience package so you can relish the true untampered beauty of the Himalayan region, the trekking package can be also be personalized according to your preference.

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Highlights of Manaslu Trek

10 days manaslu trek

  • Exploration of the remote and secluded west-central part of the Himalayan region to the base of the eight-tallest snow-clad peak in the world, Mt. Manaslu (8,163 meters)
  • A less traversed peaceful and serene route than the mainstream trekking routes
  • Exploration of the protected area, Manaslu Conservation Area, home to 33 species of mammals, 110 species of birds, 11 species of butterflies, and 3 species of reptiles
  • Breathtaking close-up views of the Himalayan peaks like Ganesh Himal, Shringi Himal, Phungi, Himal Chuli, Lamjung Himal, Annapurna and Manaslu
  • Diverse landscape passing through lush forests, waterfalls, rivers, and high pastures with stunning Himalayan vistas in the background
  • Charming high Himalayan settlements their beautiful culture, traditions, and hospitality

10 Days Manaslu Trek General Outline

Day 01: Kathmandu to Maccha Khola drive (6-7 hours, 900m)

Day 02: Trekking from Machha Khola to Jagat (6-7 hours, 1410m)

Day 03: Jagat to Deng trek (6-7 hours, 1804m)

Day 04: Trekking from Deng to Namrung (6-7 hours, 2630m)

Day 05: Trek to Samagaun from Namrung (6-7 hours, 3530m)

Day 06: Acclimatization and exploration day at Samagaun

Day 07: Trekking from Samagaun to Dharmashala (7-8 hours,4460m)

Day 08: Dharmashala to Bimtang trek (8-9 hours, 3270m)

Day 09: Trek from Bimtang to Dharapani (5-6 hours, 3560m)

Day 10: Drive back to Kathmandu via Jeep or bus (7-8 hours)

Best Season for 10 Days Manaslu Trek

Best season for 10 days manaslu trek

The ideal time for Himalayan adventures in Nepal is considered to be during the peak seasons like spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). As you will be trekking across the six climatic zones of the region, it is a very crucial factor to choose the most appropriate season for the best value experience. The weather conditions are more favorable during this season and offer the trekking opportunity on the dry trails under the clear blue skies.

Spring season is usually known as the blooming season which covers the entire region with lush greenery and colorful wildflowers. If you are a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss your chance of this epic exploration during its peak season, you might even get the opportunity to witness some endangered wild species that this magnificent Himalayan region houses. The temperature of the Manaslu region during the spring season averages around 15°C to 20 °C during the day and can drop upto 6°C or minus degrees at nighttime.

Similarly, the autumn season which is known for the most moderate temperature and climatic conditions for this high-altitude adventure is also the high time and most popular season for the Himalayan expeditions. The fresh chilly mornings and evenings, lush- fresh terrains washed up by the monsoon rain, clear beautiful days and just the breathtaking views of the wide Himalayan vistas make the adventure in this season a most memorable experience. The temperature of the Manaslu region generally hovers around 13°C to 19 °C on average and can drop down to minus degrees during nighttime. As the autumn season is closer to the winter, you will experience cold climatic conditions at altitudes above 4,000 meters with the occasional light snowfalls, especially during late November.

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Trek Difficulty

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

The 10 Days Manaslu Trek has a ‘moderate’ difficulty level, you don’t need any technical experience or prior high-altitude trekking experience to do this trek. Still, regardless of its moderate difficulty level, this a high-altitude adventure that explores the region of the eight-tallest mountain in the world. So, the difficulty level of the trek shouldn’t be underestimated, let’s check out some of the major difficulty factors that can make this trek a difficult expedition.

Altitude Gain

When it comes to high-altitude adventures, one of the most concerning difficulty factors of these expeditions is the high elevation points which are directly related to altitude sickness. The same goes for this beautiful Himalayan exploration, starting your adventure at Machha Khola (900 meters), you move along the altitude jump points like Samagaun (3,530 meters), Bimtang (3,270 meters), Dharapani (3.560 meters) and the highest elevation point of the entire trek, Dharmashala at 4,460 meters (14,632 feet).

As there is a risk for the human body to suffer from altitude sickness above the altitude of 2,500 meters, you will have to be on the lookout for physical signs that can be related to altitude sickness during this 10 Days Manaslu Trek.

Trekking Distance

Moving ahead, this is an epic Himalayan adventure that explores some of the most remote off-beaten trails of the region, overcoming the rugged trails of the Manaslu region is nothing like a backyard hike. In this 10 Days Manaslu Trek, you will cover an approximate distance of 180 km (111 miles), so you will be covering a trekking distance of approximately 15 to 20 km per day during your expedient which is equivalent to 5- 6 hours of walking each day.

It may not seem like a much of big deal to experienced high-altitude trekkers, however, if you are new to these Himalayan expeditions, you need to understand that even simple trekking is vexing when you are making your way to higher elevation points with low oxygen saturation. On top of that, you will be carrying your luggage and equipment with significant weight, so, if you haven’t prepared adequately each day’s adventure can challenging obstacle for you.

Off-Season Challenge

Unlike the peak season for this amazing trekking expedition in Nepal, the off-season is notorious as the challenging months that elevate the overall difficulty of this trekking adventure. The 10 Days Manaslu Trek is doable year around, but if you are planning to do this trek during the off-season in the region like monsoon (June to August) and winter (December to February), then you will have to deal with several unpleasant circumstances.

The monsoon season in Nepal typically known as the summer season sees lots of heavy downpours making the trails muddy and challenging, it is especially risky at high altitudes as even slight slipping could be fatal. The temperature of the Manaslu region is also an all-time high during this summer season when the temperature can exceed 25°C making even simple walking really tiresome under the scorching sun. There are frequent risk of landslides and flood in this season, and you also may have to see a lot of flight cancelation and delays.

On the contrary, winter is known as the coldest period in the region where winter freezing storms and blizzards rule over the slopes and the region below. Although Manalsu trekking is possible with the right set of gear and clothes during the winter season, as even lower region trekking trails are covered in snow, you will have a hard time even with simple walking. The temperature of the region usually averages around -6°C to -10°C in the daytime and switches to freezing cold mode during the night.


This Manaslu Trek takes in the remote isolated part of the Himalayas from the west-central prospects, so you cannot expect the services and amenities in the region like an extravagant vacation destination. There isn’t a proper mode of transportation in the region and inhabitants are pretty much dependent on the transfer of goods by porters, yaks, and mules. Thus, the region also hasn’t seen much development due to a lack of transportation facilities.

You will be able to enjoy a moderate level of services and amenities during this trekking adventure however, they are pretty much limited along the route. For instance, there are no well-developed medical facilities along the trail, and the only option during cases of emergency is by helicopter rescue. The same goes for the eatery facilities along the trail, internet, telephone, and electricity, which are pretty much limited in the higher regions.

Is 10 Days Manaslu Trek Suitable for Me?

Is 10 Days Manaslu Trek Suitable for MeThere is no doubt that the Manaslu 10 Days Manaslu Trek is an amazing expedition that explores the iconic serene and remote trails of the Himalayan region. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for trekking enthusiasts all over the world who want to explore the unchartered and secluded beauty of the Manaslu Valley. So, if you are wondering whether this is an ideal package for you or not, don’t worry this amazing Himalayan adventure with a moderate difficulty level can be easily completed by anyone with enough preparation.

You need to have a basic level of fitness to overcome the challenging and demanding trails of the region and should have sound health. If you have any medical conditions, you should consult your physician and your trekking guide to decide if this is the right adventure for you ot not. The elevation gain of this trekking adventure isn’t as significant as other high-altitude trekking adventures that require you to spend a lot of time at an altitude above 4,000- 5,000 meters. So, you will have a much more comfortable and convenient experience with the acclimatization process although you still shouldn't underestimate the challenges along the trail.

The success rate of the Manaslu Trek is 98%, which is quite higher than other trekking expeditions in the country. So, if you are motivated enough and are ready to put in some physical effort to make this journey more comfortable, you will be able to easily complete this expedition.

Training and Preparation for 10 Days Manaslu Trek

Training and Preparation for 10 Days Manaslu TrekAdequate physical preparation is a must, if you really want to immerse in this magnificent Himalayan expedition that takes you to the remote and secluded part of the Himalayas. With enough training, you won’t just be able to relish the true beauty of the region without feeling drained but also have it easy when it comes to the acclimatization process. The general recommended preparation period for this trekking expedition is 6- 8 weeks prior to the actual trek. However, you can adjust the period and the intensity of the training after properly assessing your physical abilities. If you work out pretty much on a regular basis, then you won’t have to put much effort into your training, but if you don’t exercise much, you should start accordingly so your body will get used to the physical activity by the time of the actual trek.

Strength Training

  • Plank
  • Push up
  • Pull up
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Weightlift
  • Bicep curl
  • Lunges
  • Overhead press
  • Bench press
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Dip

Cardiovascular Training

  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Jumping rope
  • Rowing
  • Power walking
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics

It is recommended that you do some practice hikes on the natural steep landscapes which will offer pretty close stimulation of the trekking landscapes during the actual Manaslu Trek. Also, do the practice hikes carrying your backpack with significant weight, so you will get used to carrying your luggage during the adventure and you also be able to check the comfort level of your hiking boots.

Food and Accommodation

Food and accommodation during Manaslu Circuit TrekMost of the Himalayan expeditions take part in the remote secluded part of the country, so you shouldn’t expect very high-end services and amenities during your trekking adventures. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have to endure the low-quality services in this iconic 10 Days Manaslu Trek either. Although you will be able to enjoy an extensive menu with continental dishes in the lower region, the teahouses at the higher altitudes may have limited deliciases.

You can expect the following food menu along the teahouses during your trekking expedition to the Manaslu region.

For Breakfast

  • Tea/coffee, fresh juice
  • Eggs
  • Bread/ toasts
  • Tibetan bread
  • Porridge
  • Corn flakes
  • Oatmeal
  • Pudding
  • Sandwich
  • Porridge
  • Spring rolls
  • Chappati
  • Pappad
  • Paratha

For Lunch and Dinner

  • Daal bhat tarkari (Steamed rice, lentil soup, and vegetable dishes)
  • Pasta
  • Macaroni
  • Thukpa
  • Pizza
  • Chowein/ spaghetti
  • Pakoda
  • Rhildu
  • Champa
  • Tingmo
  • Syakpa
  • Shyphale
  • Thukpa
  • Steak

Note: Vegetarian and vegan are also available throughout all the teahouses along the trekking route.

As for the beverages, you can enjoy a variety of items from soft drinks to hard drinks along the trail, however, consuming alcohol isn’t recommended during this trek as it affects the acclimatization process. As for the drinking water, you will always find bottled mineral water bottles at every teahouse, but the cost margins are pretty high at higher altitudes which can often cost US$ 3 to US$ 5. So the most cost-efficient and safe way to drink water during this trek is by storing the boiled water at the teahouses in your water bottle and thermos. You can also use a water purification solution or tablet to purify the water.

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